Game on in the Sunshine | Thriving Gaming Careers in Cyprus

Ross Pitman

Director – Business & Communications

Sun-kissed beaches, ancient history, and…a booming gaming industry? That’s right, Cyprus has emerged as a global hub for game development, attracting studios big and small with its enticing blend of talent, tax benefits, and Mediterranean charm. And guess what? This means opportunities galore for skilled professionals like you!

Why Cyprus for Gaming?

  • Thriving Ecosystem: Giants like Wargaming share the island with innovative young studios, fostering a collaborative and dynamic environment.
  • Tax Incentives: Cyprus boasts one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU (12.5%), making it a magnet for international investment.
  • English Proficient Workforce: A highly educated, English-speaking talent pool ensures seamless communication and collaboration.
  • Quality of Life: From balmy weather and stunning landscapes to affordable living and a laid-back vibe, Cyprus offers an enviable work-life balance.

Level Up Your Career in Cyprus

From developers and engineers to artists and designers, the Cypriot gaming scene requires a diverse range of talent. Check out some of the hottest roles in demand:

  • Game Developers: Craft immersive worlds and captivating gameplay mechanics using cutting-edge technology.
  • Game Designers: Shape the player experience, from narrative arcs to level design and character development.
  • QA Testers: Ensure flawless gameplay by meticulously identifying and resolving bugs.
  • 3D Artists & Animators: Breathe life into characters and environments with your artistic skills.
  • Marketing & PR Specialists: Promote games to the world and build engaging communities.

Ready to Join the Adventure?

GRS Recruitment, Cyprus’ leading recruitment agency, is your passport to landing your dream job in this exciting industry. With extensive industry knowledge and a network of top studios, we’ll help you navigate the landscape and find the perfect match for your skills and aspirations.

Explore Current Openings

Head over to our dedicated portal for gaming jobs in Cyprus and discover a world of possibilities:

From thrilling projects to supportive teams and unbeatable sunshine, your new game awaits in Cyprus. Don’t just play the game, change the game!

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