At GRS we recognise to attract and retain human capital it is essential to analyse market trends in salaries.  This analysis will ensure your company offers a competitive remuneration package in order to maintain employee engagement, satisfaction and commitment to your business.

As a first step we offer a downloadable generic salary survey on the Cyprus or Malta market which covers a wide range of professions and levels. However, in addition GRS offer a bespoke Salary Benchmarking service so that organisations and companies can compare their current remuneration packages with their industry competitors in the current market to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the way they reward their staff.

We will work closely with you to ascertain the information you require to make an informed decision on how you should remunerate your employees and how it compares in the current market. Our in depth report based on the job titles, disciplines, industries agreed with you will ensure you are offering competitive remuneration packages in the market place.

Our bespoke Salary Benchmarking Service includes;

  • Initial briefing and consultation to understand the data required
  • In-depth research and information gathering from a wide cross section candidates and clients on current salary and benefits package in the market.
  • A full report submitted with low, medium and high salaries for each position mandated to benchmark.

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