A Great Experience | Why internships make you stand out from the crowd

Why internships make you stand out from the crowd

In a competitive job market, it is not so easy to get hired. The main issue students face when job hunting is lack of experience. Employers today tend to pay attention to the level of higher education that job applicants have received but usually pay even more attention to the work experience they have gained throughout their studies, especially for entry level jobs. In fact, 95% of employers state that they look at a graduate’s work experience. If you find yourself looking at job descriptions and realize that you do not possess the necessary skills and relevant work experience in order to apply for the job, you may find that doing an internship can aid in increasing your future employability.

Internships provide short-term, practical experience for anyone trying to figure out their career path. The internship’s value comes from the opportunity for experimental learning. It is a great opportunity for anyone with little or no knowledge in the field since they can gain firsthand knowledge in a particular type of work or work environment. The best internships allow students to learn by doing, helping them to focus on their career goals.

In today’s labor market, employers focus heavily on CVs that have relevant work experience, and that could come from an internship at a company, volunteer work or placements. The earlier students start with internships, the better, since gaining work experience is an essential part of starting your career as a young individual. Sacrificing your summer holiday to gain some work experience can be exciting and future employers will see that you are an eager individual, ready to learn and develop skills both on a personal and professional level. It indicates dedication, commitment, and hard work to the employer, whilst emphasizing the skills that are both appropriate and transferable to the job position you are applying for, increasing your employability even more.

Exposure to the real world

In today’s job market, getting high grades in exams and term papers is often not enough, employers are looking for practical experience of the working world. By partaking in an internship, you can gain real-life experience and will aid you in determining whether you will enjoy working in that job role and industry. Internships provide an excellent learning curve for young graduates and students, whilst allowing them to make new connections in the professional world, which gives them an advantage over graduates who have no work experience.

Networking connections can be established

Interns are given the chance to meet new people in the professional field and exchange information with other individuals in the form of acquaintances and developing relationships, to further progress their professional career. By undertaking an internship, you are providing yourself with the opportunity to establish a future position in that company, especially if they can see your talent and that you fit in well with the company culture. The more people you meet in the professional world and the more you interact with people that share the same interests, the higher your chances are to grow on a professional level. You will have the opportunity to learn from someone who has a lot of experience in the field, providing you with valuable knowledge for your career path. Having established connections makes you a very attractive candidate for future employers!

Gaining soft skills

Doing an internship will show future employers that you have gained soft skills, communication skills as well as transferrable skills, highlighting the fact that you now have acquired the capabilities, and, at the very least, the basic skills to enter the working world in an entry level job. These transferrable skills show that you have the tools that can help employers go beyond the job description. For example, a customer service representative tends to have good problem-solving skills, however, they may do more with that transferable skill than just solve problems for customers. They could also notice inefficiencies in how the team is assigned incoming calls for example and then recommend an efficient solution, aiding the employer in saving time and money. Therefore, your responsibilities can be diversified!

Experience in an office environment

When working in an office you gain a wide range of skills such as teamworking, relationship building and adaptability. Especially if you are applying to an office-based job in the future, partaking in an internship located in an office can show that you are familiar with an office working environment; you can interact and work with other colleagues and adapt to a fast-paced working environment. Learning to be agile and adaptive is especially imperative for graduates. They will learn to keep an open mind working with the team and this provides a good outlook.

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