Let’s Get Started | Top tips for your first week in your new job

Top tips for your first week in your new job

Congratulations, you have landed a new job! You are probably stressed about your first day and how to make the best impression on your new employer and new colleagues. It’s natural to be nervous during your first week at a new job, and challenges will almost certainly arise. Some of these challenges include information overload, learning your team’s dynamics, doing donkey work, and understanding the company’s work culture. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some simple tips you can follow during your first week in your new job which should help make your start a little bit smoother.

Introduce Yourself to Everyone

If you work in an office setting, take a second to stop by all your team members’ desks and briefly say hello and introduce yourself. It might seem a bit intimidating, however, most people will appreciate a quick introduction and look forward to working with you. Since your co-workers will be your allies throughout your journey at the company, you should make it a priority to create positive relationships with them. You do not need to wait for them to approach you! Take the initiative and extend a friendly greeting and find out what their role encompasses for example and how long they have been working in the company. You could even set up a meeting outside the office, like a coffee or lunch, and use this time to ask questions and build relationships. If you are working for a large company, focus on mainly getting to know the people you work with as it will take time to meet the whole department right at the beginning.

Ask Well-timed Questions

Being new at a company you will be full of questions – as you should be! Asking questions on any doubts you may have or uncertainties you may face is the best way to learn as a newcomer. Make sure you note down the answers so that you do not need to ask the same question repeatedly and be able to remind yourself when you are uncertain the second time. Admitting that you do not know something and asking for help shows that you are not arrogant but willing to learn. If you ask the questions in the right way, it can make you appear rather confident and shows what you do know, and then resolves what you don’t.

Don’t be the last one in, or the first one out

Since this is your first week, you want to make a good impression on everyone. Therefore, it is important to demonstrate your commitment by being in the office as much as you can if your work is office-based. By being present in the office you will show both your new employer and colleagues that you are eager to learn, participate and that you are a hard worker. Showing dedication and that you are willing to go the extra mile will make you a valuable member of the company very quickly.

Pay attention to people’s routines

It is important to pay close attention to your co-workers’ daily routines, especially to your manager or supervisor and other people in your position who have been in the company for a while. Take mental notes on high performers in your role and understand why they are doing so well in their position. This can help you incorporate that into your new routine. Being curious and asking questions as to what makes people successful in that company is the best way to succeed in your own new position.

Get to know your surroundings

If you are working in an office, make sure you locate the restrooms, the coffee and water, the stairs and elevators, where you can have your lunch break and seek out any amenities your new workplace offers. In your first week of your new job, you may even want to consider experimenting with your daily commutes and schedule, such as finding the right times to leave home and figuring out the fastest routes to work. This will give you a peace of mind for the weeks, months, or years to follow!

Send a status update at the end of the week

Sending an end of week update to your manager is a great way to wrap up your first week. By stating everything you have accomplished during the week, any questions you may have and a plan of what you intend to do the following week can show your manager that you are organized and proactive about succeeding in your new role.

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