You’ve Got this! | 10 Signs of a Successful Interview

Lorraine Piggott-Brown

Operations Director


Even though reaching the interview stage when job hunting feels like a huge win, it can be challenging to determine if you’ve had a interview  interview or not.

So, how can you know if the interview was successful? Certainly, most hiring managers or recruiters will provide more specific feedback for candidates, post-interview, but while you wait to hear back from them, here’s some signs to keep in mind.

1. Conversational Tone

Most often than not, instead of being a Q&A concept, the interview had a more fluid, conversational atmosphere. This means that you’ve shown a positive image and strong interpersonal skills. As a result, the interviewer will take that as a good sign that you will get along with the rest of the team, and match the culture of the company!


2. The Interviewer was Engaged

Body language is just as important as verbal language. And so, that positive body language, such as agreeing with what you are saying, smiling, and actively listening, and maintaining eye contact shows the interviewer’s engagement. Their positive gestures suggest that they liked what you were saying, and which can really enhance the overall interaction experience!


3. Long Interview

When an interview extends beyond its scheduled time frame, it often indicates the interviewer’s genuine interest in the candidate and the conversation at hand. By extending the interview, the interviewer demonstrates a commitment to gaining comprehensive insights into the candidate’s qualifications, experiences, and potential fit for the role. Recognising the value of the hiring manager’s time, this extended interaction suggests a strong level of engagement.


4. Clear Job Role

When the interviewer discusses your potential responsibilities using phrasing like “In this role, you would be expected to…” rather than generic statements, it indicates envisioning you in the position and a desire to provide a comprehensive overview.


5. Your Questions Are Answered in Detail

Enthusiastic and detailed responses to your inquiries not only indicate the interviewer’s eagerness to present the opportunity but also suggest a strong alignment with your interests. Moreover, their detailed responses indicate determination to ensure that you have a clear understanding of how the opportunity resonates with your goals and preferences.


6. You Match with the Company and Role

Leaving the interview feeling enthusiastic about the opportunity often results from the interviewer’s vivid description of the role’s benefits and organisational culture, which creates the vision of how you could thrive within the company.


7. Introduction to Potential Colleagues

If you are being introduced to your ‘potential’ team members, usually towards the end of the interview, it is, once again, a good sign that you gave a positive impression and can be a potential cultural fit within the organization!


8. Introduction to Senior Decision Makers

Introductions to senior members of the company such as Directors, Business Managers (can vary depending on the industry), shows the interviewer’s confidence in your candidacy and a desire to make the decision-making process faster.


9. Closing Questions

Inquiries regarding notice periods and availability for start dates suggest forward-thinking and interest in progressing to the next stage, demonstrating the interviewer’s intent to align timelines and move the hiring process forward seamlessly.


10. Clarity on Next Steps

Clear communication regarding following stages and timelines indicates that you have a chance to get to the following stages, so maintain your attention.

Hopefully these 10 signs helped you get a clearer picture about whether your interview was successful!


Excellent interview performance is a positive start, yes, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll progress to the next stage of the application process because you can’t control the competition. So, even if you feel like you did great in a job interview and still didn’t get the offer, don’t get discouraged. Continue your job hunt with determination! The right job could be just around the corner!

After each interview through GRS Recruitment, your consultant will call you to discuss your feedback and your interview experience in general. We will also endeavor to get feedback from our client to ensure clear communication between everyone involved in the process. This helps us provide personalised support and guidance tailored to your needs.

Get in touch with our team today and find out how we can assist you with finding your desired job role! You’ve got this!