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Working and living in Cyprus

Have you always dreamt of living in a place that combines both a historic and architectural centre, but also has the buzz of a modern city? You should definitely then consider relocating to one of the beautiful cities of Cyprus. If your profession is among the top in-demand jobs in Cyprus, then you are in luck, because many employers are already looking for someone just like you. Looking for a job on your own might be an intimidating and a tricky process, and that’s where we come in. We wanted to give the insider tips on the multiple pros of working and living in Cyprus.

Why Working and Living in Cyprus is The Best Decision You Can Make?

Let’s first dive into the working part. Are you tempted to learn and grow in an international environment, while enjoying friendly and supportive colleagues? Check out what else Cyprus offers as a workplace.

A Hub for Large International Companies

Cyprus benefits from its key location whilst also being an EU Member. Serving as a bridge to Europe, Asia the Middle East and North Africa, it sits in a perfect time zone for truly global business. The corporate tax rate in Cyprus is as low as 12.5%, making it a preferred location for international businesses. Many companies from the Middle East, USA, Europe, and lately China have chosen Cyprus as their regional headquarters.

Choosing Cyprus there is no need to sacrifice your corporate position and potential growth in your career. Here you will have access to many companies that are world leaders in their own industries. Working in Cyprus you will benefit from living in a country that is less populated and doesn’t struggle with the downsides of a congested inner city business hub, such as air pollution, crowds, or highly expensive living costs.

A Variety of Exciting Industries to Thrive In

Tourism is one of the industries that Cyprus benefits from as a popular holiday destination. There are a lot of opportunities for expats that aspire to work in Cyprus. Whether you choose to set up your new home in the historical city Larnaca or  near the charming harbour of Paphos there are many opportunities connected to the Tourism industry. GRS Recruitment can offer both guidance and help with your job applications and share their knowledge of all cities. Find out more here.

Finance is a popular field that is always on the lookout for new talent. Cyprus is a well-known hub for Financial Service companies including Forex Trading Banking and Fund Management to name but a few. For more than 15 years GRS Recruitment has supported the employment of thousands of expats within the finance sector. Check our jobs in finance here.

Gaming is an industry in which we have recently seen significant growth in Cyprus. In choosing a career in a regulated online betting or gaming company, you will benefit from a wide variety of opportunities and often a highly dynamic benefits package. With many worldwide gaming companies setting up in Cyprus, they are constantly looking for new multilingual talent. Check our gaming jobs here.

38-Hour Workweek

The ‘standard time norm’ of working in Cyprus is 38 hours for a 5-day working week. This can vary per industry but is within the limits of 38-40 hours and overtime is generally paid. It gives a lot of employees the opportunity to maintain a good work-life balance and unwind earlier than in other European countries.

A Very Low-Income Tax, compared to other EU countries

In Cyprus, you will not pay an income tax if you receive less than €19,500 a year. Above this amount, there is a tax rate that depends on the yearly salary you get: 20% for up to €28,000, 25% for up to €36,300 and so on. If you are curious about the taxes you need to pay if you are working and living in Cyprus, contact us for more details and information. 

Great Work-Life Balance

One of the great positive things about Cyprus is the work-life balance you are able to achieve. Are you tired of working late or on the weekends? You haven’t had a family vacation for a year already? The good thing about Cyprus is that you have all the best spots for tourism on your doorstep. The hardest decision you have to make is whether to enjoy a scenic mountain walk or a day spent soaking up the sun on a blue flag beach, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Mediterranean Climate

If you are used to living in a slightly colder environment, but you have always dreamt of enjoying warm and sunny weather, then you should definitely consider working and living in Cyprus. With 17 degrees as the lowest average temperature in winter, and a long hot summer, you will lack neither vitamin D, nor vitamin sea.

Historical Centre

Cyprus is a true gem with a rich 10,000-year history. There are three UNESCO World Heritage locations in Cyprus, one of which is the city of Paphos. With a combination of historical sites and breath-taking architecture, this is a must visit for every culture enthusiast, in fact this could be your new hometown.

Affordable Living Costs

On the more practical side, working and living in Cyprus will not cost you a fortune. Accommodation in Cyprus is cheaper than in most European countries. It would be recommended to book an apartment prior to arriving in order that you have a base for the first few weeks or months. This will give you the time to decide on which city you are most suited and select your new home. If you are looking for a short-term stay, it is advisable to book your accommodation during the off-season. Just to give you an idea, the average rent price for a studio/smaller flat would be around €400, while bigger apartments might go up to €800.

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