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in-demand jobs in Cyprus

Are you considering moving to Cyprus this year? We imagine you are most likely hoping to secure a job before your arrival, in order that you can settle in and enjoy this beautiful island before your first day at the office. Curious to find out which will be the highest in-demand jobs in Cyprus for 2022? Check out our insights guide based on the latest Eurostat data and our experience in the recruitment field of over 15 years. If you discover your job on this list, then you are in luck, as you will find a variety of organisations searching for talent just like you.

Top In-Demand Jobs in Cyprus per Industry

Let’s first run through the occupations with the most demand based on the industries they belong to.


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, jobs in the medical field were in huge demand. There was always a shortage of nurses, dentists and pharmacists, but in the last year and, supposedly in the next one as well – there will also be an increased demand for laboratory assistants, medical physicians, therapists and general practitioners. An interesting fact is also that universities in the field of medical and neuro- sciences are offering more and more PhD opportunities to graduates.


It comes as no surprise that the most in-demand jobs in Cyprus, and also among the highest paid ones, are those in the field of ICT. There is an ever-increasing demand for professionals who specialise in software and web development, cloud technologies, computer engineering, and machine learning, to name but a few. Browse through the full list of IT vacancies in Cyprus here.

Accounting and Audit

Accountants and auditors are highly sought after across the island from Limassol to Nicosia, Larnaca and Paphos. This is probably the industry with the most competition, because of the highly skilled accountants and auditors who both live here and choose to relocate to Cyprus. Salary is very much dependant on experience, but this occupation is highly competitive due to the valuable skills of these specialists. A career in audit can be a particularly lucrative path for talented and skilled individuals. This places accounting and audit amongst the most in-demand jobs in Cyprus and you will have a variety of vacancies to choose from, if this is your area of expertise.


Sales positions are also very much in demand with companies seeking highly talented individuals with a flair for business development. Companies are consistently looking for candidates with good language skills and relevant industry experience, and in return are offering competitive salaries and bonuses. Sales executives are among the highest paid and in demand job roles in Cyprus.


Are you proficient in all pillars of SEO? Perhaps you are a social media enthusiast, spending hours on Instagram and TikTok? Do you thrive in a fast-paced and creative environment? Hundreds of companies in Cyprus are looking for marketing professionals every day. You certainly will not struggle with finding a job!

In-Demand Jobs in Cyprus per City

Before you start your job search in Cyprus, perhaps something else to consider is which is the right city for you to live in. Cyprus has a lot to offer but just as important as choosing the right career path is choosing the place you will call home. Many of the team of GRS have made the leap themselves and are happy to offer their insights about a new life in Cyprus.


Cyprus’ plays host to the last divided capital in the world. Here you will find a rich melting pot of old infrastructure but with a vibrant modern atmosphere. This fascinating city is a must-see even if you choose to live somewhere else. If you want to start a career in professional services Nicosia offers many opportunities as the islands original business centre. A home to many universities, Nicosia is one of the cities with the largest number of career options for students and graduates.

Does your dream life include a warm destination, delicious food and a variety of outdoor activities? Look no further, Nicosia is the place for you!

Check our vacancies in the spectacular city of Nicosia.


Limassol is a beautiful shoreline city that combines a historic charm with a dynamic and modern international business centre. After work you can relax by the beach enjoying a glass of fine Cypriot wine, whilst the calm crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean clear your thoughts of the day. Weekends can be spent enjoying the architectural beauty of the old town before settling down for a meze in the shade of the Limassol castle as you catch up with friends.

Presently many of the best paid jobs can be found located in Limassol, as many international organisations have chosen here to set up their European hub. We are seeing an increasing number of people making the decision to relocate and move to the beautiful city of Limassol.

Discover the best places to work located in Limassol here.


Larnaca  is a port city on the south coast of Cyprus with a history that dates back 10,000 years, making it the longest continually inhabited region of the island. Boasting a wonderful palm lined promenade and providing a home to the famous flamingos. Here you will find a rich mix of traditional and cosmopolitan establishments sitting alongside historic fascinating monuments, Larnaca seamlessly blends the old with the new.

Explore job opportunities here in charming Larnaca.


Here we find a city which offers a wide variety of jobs in the hospitality and tourism sectors. Paphos remains a highly popular tourist destination, due to its many monuments of historic value, exceptional architecture, and friendly welcoming atmosphere. If you choose to work in Paphos, you will be delighted to live in a UNESCO protected city of ancient civilizations coupled with magnificent natural scenery. Imagine gorge treks and off-road adventures with spectacular sunsets after work by the harborside.

Browse through our vacancies in Paphos and find the one that matches your criteria the best!

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