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GRS Recruitment Cyprus. When you launch a search for an open position at your company and begin to receive applications, the first step is to identify the most suitable, qualified candidates before inviting them in for interview. It can be tempting to select only the most flawless CVs of candidates who possess the near-perfect combination of skills, education and experience.

GRS Recruitment. In many cases, companies will leave a position open for months on end in anticipation of finding this ‘perfect’ candidate, spending time, money and precious resources in anticipation of waiting for that most suitable individual. However in a super-competitive industry, once this individual is found and ultimately hired, it may be the case that they eventually back out of the offer for a counter offer if their current employer matches the raised one.

Is a Flawless CV Really the Answer?

Though it’s always imperative to hire the right candidate, it’s also important to think more strategically about the pursuit of the ‘perfect’ candidate.

There is no such thing as a perfect hire, and just because an individual ticks all the right boxes on paper, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to be the right fit for your company. As such, it may not always be the best approach to search and search for the perfectly perceived candidate. Instead, hiring managers should be willing to look beyond the restraints of ‘perfection’ and focus their efforts on finding capable talent, but not top talent.

There’s no point in weeding out the very best, most creative candidates simply because you are hiring solely on the basis of past credentials, skills and experience. In fact, hiring someone who might not fit the exact specifications of the job description isn’t necessarily a poor decision. Sometimes, the underestimated contenders are the ones who possess more passion, purpose and determination, and in an ever-changing workplace environment, these are essential traits of any employee.

Research has also proven that there is a correlation between successful people and those who have experienced adversity or struggle. These individuals possess passion and purpose, are typically good listeners, have excellent attention to detail and go on to experience great success in their careers.

From the offset, managers and HR departments should set realistic expectations during the recruitment process. By focusing on people with potential and inspiring those hires to do their best work, not only will you be helping them to excel in their careers but you will also be helping your own business to thrive, flourish and outperform the competition.

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