Sunshine and Smooth Sailing | Planning Business Operations During Holidays

Steve Slocombe

Founder & Director

Planning Business Operations for summer holidays

Summer is already here, and while it brings the promise of sun, relaxation, and vacations, it also brings a significant challenge for businesses. Balancing employee time off while maintaining smooth operations can be tricky and nobody wants a stressful summer. But even during the busiest holiday season, you can make sure your business operates smoothly with careful preparation and clear communication. Here are some essential tips on how you should be planning business operations during holidays.


Start Planning Early

Early planning is key to managing holiday cover successfully. Start with reviewing last year’s summer period to identify peak times and potential issues that may arise and analyse any issues that arose and think about how to address them this year. The next step you should take is communicate with your team about their holiday plans well in advance. Encourage employees to submit their vacation requests as early as possible so you can create a comprehensive schedule that accommodates everyone’s needs.

Create a Clear Holiday Policy

A clear holiday policy helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures fairness for everyone in a company. Your policy should include the process for requesting holidays so that all employees are aware of how to ask for time off, along with notice periods required for holiday requests and also include any restrictions on taking time off during peak periods.

Make sure this policy is communicated clearly to all employees and is easily accessible.

Use a Scheduling Tool

Use scheduling tools, if available, to effectively handle holiday cover. You can monitor staff availability with digital tools, examine overlapping holiday requests and allocate tasks and shifts easily. By integrating these tools into your planning process, you can create a more organised and efficient system for managing holiday cover, ultimately leading to a smoother and more productive summer business operation.

Cross-Train Employees

Cross-training employees to handle multiple roles ensures that critical tasks are covered, even when key staff members are away. More specifically, it can help your business increase flexibility in managing workloads, enhance team skills and knowledge, and boosts employee engagement by offering development opportunities. Make cross-training a regular part of your training program so that your team is always prepared for unexpected absences.

Hire Temporary Staff

Hiring seasonal or temporary workers may be a good option if your business typically experiences a wave in demand during the summer. Temporary staff can fill in for employees on vacation, help manage increased workloads and bring in fresh perspectives and new ideas. Partner with a reputable staffing agency to find qualified temporary employees who can quickly adapt to your business needs. This could bring a huge relief to your business operations during holidays.

Encourage Team Collaboration

Fostering a collaborative environment can help your team manage their workloads more effectively. Encourage employees to communicate openly about their holiday plans and support each other in covering shifts and responsibilities, share knowledge and resources to ensure stability.

Try to have regular team meetings and an open-door policy since it can facilitate this collaborative culture.

Monitor and Adjust as Needed

Once your holiday cover plan is arranged, you should monitor its effectiveness by keeping an eye on workload distribution and employee stress levels, be prepared to make adjustments, if necessary. Make sure to ask for feedback from your team about the process and any issues they encounter, so that you know exactly what is happening in your business operations during holidays.

Additionally, regularly reviewing and refining your approach will help you quickly adapt but also stay responsive to changing circumstances.

Planning holiday cover doesn’t have to be a stressful task. The key to maintaining smooth operations throughout the summer is to start early, leverage technology, foster a collaborative environment, and be proactive. This way, both your team and your business can enjoy the benefits of the season without any disruptions.

It is important to understand that taking time off reduces stress, keeps employees productive and maintains a healthy work-life balance! If you would like to discover the importance of encouraging vacations, check out our article to get some insights!

If you feel like you need assistance to find temporary workers to cover your employee holiday leave, contact GRS Recruitment to discuss your needs so our expert team can help you run your business efficiently this summer.

Plan ahead and enjoy the summer sunshine!