Life’s a Beach | Why holidays are important to employee wellbeing

Life’s a Beach – Why holidays are important to employee wellbeing

How important is it encourage our teams to take their annual leave? It can be summed up in one sentence, rested employees are more productive employees. Taking time off can reduce stress, help prevent burnout and promote work-life balance by allowing for more time to be spent with family and friends. There are so many articles focusing on how to work better, how to get more done, and be more successful, but there is very little written about the key role played by rest, and the importance of time-out in our lives. Assisted by technology we have become powerhouses of productivity. We continue to work longer hours, neglecting those critical moments of rest that provide us with the energy and motivation we need to succeed.

Holidays Are Essential for Health

Research has shown that taking annual leave to give yourself time to unplug from the challenges and demands of work, is tremendously important for your mental and physical wellbeing. Studies have shown that employees who fail to take time off will suffer from an increased incidence of heart disease. Annual leave allows you the time to focus on something entirely different, helping you to re-charge your energy and enthusiasm for work.

Beware of Burnout

Burnout has been extensively studied across high-stress professional work environments and is characterised by emotional exhaustion, poor decision making, higher rates of error, a decline in work performance, and the tendency to develop a lack of empathy towards colleagues and clients. People suffering from burnout can become detached from work, often feel that their work has little value, can contribute to relationship problems and lead to depression Research has concluded that whatever short-term benefits may be achieved through overwork and delaying taking annual leave, they are entirely overshadowed by the long-term costs of lost productivity and lower quality work.

Positive Corporate Culture

As employers we should promote work-life balance by instituting policies, procedures, actions and expectations that enable our people to easily pursue a more balanced life. The benefits of work-life balance to the employer include increased productivity, lower rates of absenteeism, improved recruitment and retention, an improved customer experience, and a more motivated, satisfied workforce. Work-life balance enables employees to feel as if they are paying attention to all the important aspects of their lives. Employers who encourage the use of will improve employee morale and their company’s bottom line at the same time.

Lead By Example

Actions always speak louder than words. Ensure that as a leader in your business you too make use of your own annual leave. Why not get creative and send out photos of your holiday on your return to the business. Thank your team for giving you the opportunity to unplug and let them know you would encourage them to do the same. Sending the right message will boost morale, create loyalty and increase employee engagement.

So, from the team at GRS Recruitment enjoy your time off this summer, and we’re here when you need us 😊