GRS Recruitment recently held a CV Writing and Interview Skills presentation to Year 12 students at the Heritage School in Limassol. The presentation, hosted by GRS co-founder, Steve Slocombe and Business Support Manager, Lorraine Brown, aimed to help students prepare for future job and intern applications and interviews.

GRS Recruitment in Cyprus regularly holds such presentations to various schools, colleges and universities throughout Cyprus. These valuable sessions are essential for young people who often lack the knowledge and experience needed to create a well-written CV or excel in an interview.

In addition to teaching students what to do and what not to do in an interview setting, they also teach them about dress code, communication and interview preparation, as well as offering insight into what questions candidates could likely face.

In addition to presenting at the Heritage School, the GRS team also recently held an on-campus recruitment day at the European University in Nicosia, as well as a presentation at the University of Cyprus, Nicosia, on the topic of CV writing and interviewing. Further, Lorraine Brown, Business Support Manager also supported a presentation on the use of social media for job seekers and professionals at the LIFT (Ladies in Finance Today) association. Their goal during these presentations – and others, is to highlight the importance of being prepared for any interview as you only get one chance in an interview.

Further to preparing students for the interview process, these presentations also emphasise the importance of social media in intern and career searches. As highlighted by GRS’ Lorraine Brown, using social media sites such as LinkedIn is becoming increasingly useful and powerful in finding employment. Thousands of job seekers now take to the platform to connect with potential recruiters, learn more about companies they’re interested in and discover more about job opportunities.

That being said, social media also has its drawbacks and it is essential for jobseekers to bear in mind that many HR managers research platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to browse through an individual’s profile and gain a glimpse into who that person is outside of the confines of a cover letter, CV or interview. With this in mind, it’s vital to ensure that the content individuals are sharing publicly on social media is working to their advantage, and this is one of the key lessons GRS hopes to impart on young job seekers during their workshops.

The GRS team is wholeheartedly committed to sharing their knowledge and professional experience for the benefit of young professionals.Their goal is to provide young people with the tools, skills and confidence needed to excel during the job seeking process, whether that involves developing a CV or excelling in an interview setting.

If you are a school, college or university interested in the above services, GRS invite you to contact them to arrange a presentation for your students.

Please call +357 25342720 (Limassol) or 22769369 (Nicosia) or email or