GRS’ Annita Paliou Obtains Hogan Assessment Certification

GRS’ HR & RPO manager, Annita Paliou, recently became a certified Hogan Assessment Practitioner.

Her certification acknowledges completion of in-depth training, which focused on using and interpreting a number of personality-based assessment inventories, including Hogan personality inventory, as well as motives, values and preferences inventory.

Annita, who holds a BSc in Psychology from the University of Manchester, and an MSc in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour from the Cyprus International Institute of Management, is now able to use the Hogan personality assessment suite to carry out Hogan assessments.

What is Hogan Assessment?

Hogan is a cutting-edge assessment procedure considered an industry leader in the science of personality. Adhering to the professional and technical benchmarks established in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, Hogan assessment scientifically measures personality for business.

Hogan assessments identify various characteristics of an individual, including potentials, risks, goals, values and interests. By conducting Hogan assessments, recruiters are well-equipped to understand what motivates candidates to succeed and in what type of role and environment they will be most productive.

By measuring basic employability, work style and organisational fit, the assessments help hiring managers assess the suitability of an individual based on their results. They also help organisations to predict job performance of an individual, thus helping to make more informed hiring decisions.

Recognised globally, these non-discriminatory assessments allow employers to eliminate any potential bias based on gender, ethnicity and race as part of the selection process. They also enable businesses to develop talented employees, build great leaders and positively impact bottom line.

The Importance of Hogan Assessment for Recruitment

Engagement of staff is one of the most critical success factors in an organisation, as engaged employees are more likely to be motivated in their roles and remain committed to an employer.

Whether your goal is to find the right hire or develop stronger leaders, performing Hogan personality testing offers valuable insight into how people work, how they lead and how successful they will be in their role.

In an age rife with job opportunities, it’s never been more important to retain top talent. Retaining valuable talent increases productivity and reduces the need to regularly hire and train new staff. What’s more, the longer employees stay in a role, the more skills they acquire, meaning a highly talented and knowledgeable workforce.

Benefits at GRS

While Hogan possesses endless advantages to recruiters, testing must be performed by a certified practitioner to ensure appropriate and consistent application of the assessment. Hogan certification also equips practitioners with the expertise and resources needed to interpret personality profiles.

As a result of Annita’s comprehensive training and subsequent certification, GRS will now be offering Hogan assessments as a value-added service to its clients as part of their recruitment search and selection process.

Regardless of your unique business challenges, these assessments are guaranteed to provide empowering solutions to your talent management initiatives.

To find out how Hogan assessments can support your personnel selection, please contact GRS Annita Paliou HR Services & RPO Manager +357 25342720 or Steve Slocombe, Director +357 22369769