Fairfax Yeaman Offering “Payroll Consultation” Service

cyprus payroll consultation

Do you need a payroll consultation in Cyprus?

GRS Recruitment’s partner Fairfax Yeaman is recognized for their complete outsourced payroll solution, bookkeeping, and accounting services and offers a cost-effective strategy that saves companies’ time, staff, and infrastructure costs. With years of experience, Fairfax Yeaman has built their expertise working with leading organisations across the globe who appoint and trust them as their experienced and professional outsourced partner.

In addition to their outsourced Payroll Solutions, Fairfax Yeaman will now be offering “Payroll Consultations” to those who run their payroll in-house. Payroll is known to be a task that can be time-consuming if not done efficiently. Fairfax Yeaman is offering a Consultation to ensure that if your payroll is carried out in-house, that it is compliant with both existing and new legislations.

What can Fairfax Yeaman do for you?

Each company has different needs when it comes to their payroll depending on the amount of employees they have and the complexity of the renumeration paid to their employees. Fairfax Yeaman can offer a 360 appraisal of an in-house payroll process no matter what the size or complexity of the payroll.   The team at Fairfax draw on a combined expertise of over 30 years in payroll and having a background from the Top Four they are used to working with large global multinational companies as well as more traditional local companies

The Fairfax Consultations are a flexible resource and can be used on an annual or quarterly basis depending on each client’s requirements.

The clients of Fairfax Yeaman receive confidentiality, efficiency, and compliance.  Payroll requires sensitive information about personnel and in the current world with GDPR it is crucial that your payroll processes are compliant with Data Protection and GDPR.  Fines imposed for non -compliance with GDPR can run into the tens of thousands and as an EU-wide legislation it is being enforced.

Book a payroll consultation in Cyprus today

If you would like to speak to one of our team  to find out more about our Payroll Consultations please call Nicoletta Demetriou, Director 00357 25558025, or email Nicoletta directly Nicoletta@fairfaxyeaman.com