Exclusive Insights Presented by Dale Carnegie Cyprus | Powered by GRS Recruitment

On Wednesday 25th January 2023 the GRS Group in collaboration with Dale Carnegie Cyprus hosted a closed event at the Crowne Plaza in Limassol. The event saw HR professionals and Senior Managers from some of GRS and Fairfax Yeaman’s key clients come together for a morning of learning and networking. The focus of the event was “Empowered Employees: Managing & Retaining Them in the New Hybrid Workplace”, a thought leadership event presented by Dale Carnegie Cyprus, Powered by GRS! The event gave insights to all the participants the results of a recent global workplace study which was designed to better understand what drives employee engagement in today’s empowered workplace and provide them with strategies for engaging and retaining top talent.

The workplace has changed dramatically over the past few years. It’s not just remote and hybrid work, employees’ expectations of their employers and managers have also shifted. With plentiful employment options, empowered employees require more than ever.  We learnt how to build a culture of employee engagement – one that retains top talent and drives productivity. Empowered employees don’t wait for things to get better, they leave. Engaged employees are more likely to stay, more willing to go the extra mile, and better equipped to manage change and innovate.

Founder & Director of the GRS Group Steve Slocombe said, “It was a pleasure to partner with Dale Carnegie Cyprus in bringing  so many industry leaders together sharing insights and best practise on how we can empower our teams. After such a successful event we are already planning the subject matter for our next roundtable of open discussion.”

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For Training on a range of subjects including employee engagement and retention as well as leadership contact Dale Carneige Cyprus  – Dinos Demetriou, Managing Director Tel: +357 96535300dinos.demetriou@dalecarnegie.com or visit https://www.dalecarnegie.com/en

GRS would like to thank Dinos for his great presentation and to our clients who attended, we hope you found the morning not only useful and insightful but enjoyable too!