Lead by example | The benefits to adapting your leadership style

: Lead by example – The benefits to adapting your leadership style

Leadership is a process in which an individual or management influence the behaviour and outcome of other people’s actions to the benefit of an organisation. Leading by example allows employees easily to understand what is expected of them and illustrates to them how to react to given situations in an appropriate manner.

A key responsibility of any leader is to inspire other people to do the best that they can do for the benefit of the organization. This is achieved by a leader not only by their words but more importantly by their actions. For example, if the Managing Director asks his team to participate in a TikTok video for the company and then refuses to appear in the video themselves the employees will not take their MD seriously. The MD should lead with enthusiasm and gusto, and they will soon find infectious behaviour will mean the team will usually follow.

For any leader they need to incorporate the following actions into their leadership style to manage and run successful teams and companies:


Showing recognition and appreciation is one of the most important attributes of a successful leader as it strengths the team and builds the self-esteem of employees. Public recognition and praise of employees in front of their peers is particularly important. As it clearly demonstrates the honest appreciation of an individual’s contribution to the company and ensures that people will continue to perform and add value to the organisation and team.


Any good leader will realise their own strengths and weaknesses and should understand that they can learn something new from the most junior member of their team. By listening to their team effective leader plays to their individual team members strengths and not against them.


When a leader fails to observe the company hierarchy, there will be uncertainty in the organization and frequently employees will become frustrated and demotivated. Clear lines of reporting mean a level playing field for all.

Roll up your sleeves

While a leader will naturally lead the strategic direction of the business going back to the basics of the business can be inspiring for more junior members of the team. Accompanying employees on meetings, pitching and winning business will build respect and trust from the team for any leader in an organisation.


Disagreements and conflicts will arise in most organisations and how quickly the conflicts are resolved determines how competent a leader is. A good leader should manage situations when conflict arises to prevent issues escalating and causing further damage to the company.

Having identified the key attributes of a good leader the question remains how do we deliver leadership to any company or team?  Does one size fit all? Successful leaders must be adaptable and adapt their style to suit the individuals in their teams and their businesses.

Post covid has created a completely different world in terms of employment, working from home, employees’ expectations, means that leaders and managers must adapt to this change. To survive and thrive in the business world, leaders need to adopt new ways of managing and motivating their employees.

Primarily leaders must show Emotional Intelligence which is the ability to recognize your own feelings and those of other people around you. With this awareness, an adaptive leader can build trust with employees and develop quality relationships. It is also crucial for leaders to engender a culture of honesty. By understanding a ‘one size does not fit all ‘adaptable leaders are willing to accommodate employees’ views, hence, assuring them that they are valued and respected within an organisation.

In summary adaptable leader are transparent and creative and they provide an honest and open culture that allows their teams to thrive and develop. By creating an environment of mutual respect leaders may not always be right, but they earn the respect of those they work with and practice what they preach.

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