Why paying attention to the job description is important?

what to include in a job description

When you have a vacancy in your company, how do you know who is the right candidate is for the position and your team? With the help of a job description, of course! Before conducting interviews and making your final decision, a detailed job description is a must to attract the most qualified candidates.

However, job descriptions do not only serve one purpose. They accomplish many essential roles within the operation of a business such as:

  • Functioning as a guide for interview questions
  • Provides information and content to be included in Advertisements
  • Provides a starting point for employee reviews, setting goals, growth paths, and salary increases

Continue to read below to learn about the three roles which we consider to be the most crucial functions of job descriptions within the operations of a business.

What to include in a job description?

Before we dive further into three more essential roles of job descriptions, we believe it is necessary to first to discuss what you should include in your job descriptions. Each one should include the following:

  1. Title, position summary and an explanation of duties
  2. Education level and desired experience
  3. Essential skills required for the position
  4. Required certificates and licenses
  5. Physical requirements (if applicable)
  6. Work environment and culture
  7. Team structure (who they report to)

Helps to Determine Fit

The modern job seeker no longer selects their future employers based on just an attractive salary. The new generation of workers is more socially aware, and they want to work for a company that shares similar values to theirs. Companies who want to stand out from the rest and want to attract the best talent can do so using the job description. By including information about the company culture and its values within the job posting, they can attract candidates whose values align with theirs.

Finding the right fit is a two-way road- meaning that companies also have an interest in attracting candidates whose character and goals fit theirs. When employees and companies share ideals with their employers, they are less likely to leave for new opportunities.  Shared values help personnel feel more connected to their work, and so they stay longer with their current employers.

Clarifies Expectations

The job description is vital because it spells out to the employee exactly what you expect of them from the moment they apply to the job. It helps job seekers to decide whether they have the right qualifications for the position and the human resources team to determine what skills, education, and experience they should look for in a new employee.

The job description is also key to helping other team members understand the role and responsibilities of new colleagues. When everyone has a strong understanding of what each member is capable of and which duties they are responsible for, there is less miscommunication among teammates and easier collaboration. It acts as a guide for the training of new employees. The job description will tell supervisors which the critical skills of a role are so that they can create a “lesson plan” for new hires.

Protects the organization

Every employer must comply with employment laws. Writing a job description- although it is not legally, required-can help companies defend themselves against legal action from an employee or former employee if the duties and responsibilities are clearly explained in a job description. Any company that operates within the EU must follow EU employment law, which includes legislation on working conditions (ex. working hours), workplace equality, employment contracts, gender equality and, many more.

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