Why Are You Losing Your Talent And How To Retain It
Why Are You Losing Your Talent and How to Retain It

Have you been at your job for too long even though you’re overqualified? Has your boss been dismissing your expert advice? And have all these frustrations dimmed your shine and turned you into a talentless employee with no opinions of your own? This happens to a lot of people in the workforce who constantly deal with managers and coworkers who completely ignore their talent. Talent in itself is a combination of natural born tendencies, hard work, skills and experience. Together they can create a competent, efficient and extremely valuable individual who can contribute greatly to their team. Not many managers, however, can identify talent and nurture it. Instead roles are blurred, value is placed in the wrong people and a lot of talent is lost in translation. So, if you are in such a situation what can you do?

Do Freelance Work
One way to keep your talent alive is by using it no matter what. If your work environment does not accommodate that, you can focus on freelance work and choose projects that allow you to do what you do best. This way you can keep putting your talent and skills into something useful.

Start Your Own Business
One step further is starting your own business. If you feel you’ve got the right amount of experience and confidence, then go ahead and use your skills and talent to create something of your own.

Keep an Idea Diary
A smaller way to maintain your talent is to keep a diary where you write down all your creative ideas and thoughts. You may not be able to fulfill them all but it will help you keep your mind fresh.

Take Initiative at Work
Even if you feel like your ideas are not being heard, you can keep taking an initiative and trying to put your thoughts forward. Sometimes bosses are difficult, but if you keep expressing your thoughts there’s a good chance they will finally listen.

Find a New Job
Lastly, you can always look for a new job where your talent is rewarded and nurtured. This is where GRS can help you find your ideal job and set you off on the right career path.