Ready to launch | Top tips as you approach graduation

Top tips as you approach graduation

As you approach graduation are you overwhelmed by what is to come next? Do you know how to target the job market to secure your dream role? Are you aware of the different platforms that can help you? If you are graduating in 2022 and seeking your first job in Cyprus or Malta but don’t know where to start, read the top tips below by GRS Recruitment, the market leading Recruitment firm.

Have your CV ready and make it stand out

Many graduates believe it is difficult to have a CV when they have little or no experience however your CV is your marketing tool that will open the door to opportunity. When you see a job advertised a well-constructed CV should be on hand in order to make the application promptly. As a graduate a CV can be a simple one-page document but must include at the top your full name, location, and contact details including email and mobile phone number with country code. In the new world of digital interviews and globalisation, it is advisable to add any usernames to platforms such as Skype and advise if you are contactable via Whatsapp so a HR Manager located in a different country can easily connect with you. This also assists with the arrangement of a potential online interview at a later stage. You should highlight your education noting the dates, name of institution and the name of the course along with your grade if you have it. Be sure to highlight any other certifications, courses, training, accreditations you have obtained.  You will then want to list any work experience, internships or volunteer work again highlighting the dates, name of the company, your role with bullet points listing the work you carried out as “Duties and Responsibilities”. You can then record your core skills highlighting any IT packages you are familiar with or languages you speak stating the level. Lastly you can list some reference contacts and their details.

When your CV is complete look at it and ask yourself is it unique? Could this CV belong to someone else who studied at the same university and obtained the same degree? If the answer is yes, then you need to add your achievements. This can be from university, work experience or a life experience but something that sets you apart and demonstrates your character or abilities.  As an example if you completed a 3-month internship and were tasked with something where you over achieved highlight this and include metrics if possible. Perhaps the manager asked you to make 10 Customer Support outgoing calls a day and you made on average 15 you can write: “Over achieved daily Customer Support outbound calls by 50%”.

For assistance on constructing a CV you can contact GRS’ Talent and Engagement Manager Lucianna Zodo +357 25342720

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? – Grow your network

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to create a virtual profile on which you can showcase yourself on a professional platform. You can search for jobs on here, apply and be visible to hiring managers for them to approach you. Like your CV you should include on here your education and any work history. Ensure you have a professional photo as your profile picture and not a selfie from Instagram 😊.  You can set your strap line to be something like “Graduate seeking an entry level role” and put your current job title as “Open to new opportunities”.  You can start creating a network by sending connection requests to contacts within the field of work your looking to enter in the locations you are considering working. Ensure to join relevant groups and follow companies again within the industry you are looking to get into.

Consider an Internship/Work Experience

Internships are often not advertised so you need to be proactive! Do your research and identify companies you wish to gain experience that are within your field. You can use your newly created CV and your LinkedIn profile to approach people and say you are open to completing an internship to gain experience. At the least you will seem conscientious and create relevant connections, at the best you will not only gain an unpaid internship, but this could convert into an offer of paid employment. Any internship or work experience you can get will add to your CV/profile and aid you in gaining that dream job and launching your career.

Practice your interview skills

As a graduate you will likely never have attended a job interview before, and this could seem daunting. Preparation is key. You can watch the GRS interview tips here which tells you everything you need to know on how to prepare for an interview. Since the world has changed post pandemic and a huge percentage of initial interviews are now held online make sure you have accounts and are familiar with the top utilised platforms, so you have no technical difficulties. We suggest creating an account on Zoom, Skype, MS Teams and Google Meet.

Be targeted in your approach

There is nothing more frustrating as a Recruiter or HR professional to receive an application with a CV that is completely irrelevant for the job. If the job description says fluency in French language is a must and you do not speak French, then do not apply. If it states a minimum of 10 years’ experience is required and the role is Manager / Director level and you are a graduate this also a no go! Identify positions within your remit at entry / junior level then go go go! Use LinkedIn, search job boards and connect with recruiters who advertise or manage positions within your area of expertise. If you are looking for an entry level job in Limassol then a recruiter or HR professional based in Cyprus will be interested to review your profile, the CEO of the organisation based in New York or Singapore may not 🤔.

Think outside the box and go the extra mile

Don’t simply sit at home and make online applications, be creative and look at unique ways to get your profile out there. Use your university careers department, attend career fairs online or in person, network through friends and family. Create a webpage to promote yourself if you are in IT/Graphic design to showcase your talent. Look at any government or EU funded initiatives to gain experience and get involved on an international scale. Walk into an organisation you really want to work for and ask the receptionist how to be considered. If you are committed to land the ultimate entry level position you need to stand out and do something different!

Follow up, don’t sit and wait

If you have made an application don’t just sit and wait for something to happen, demonstrate your efficiency, communication skills, thoroughness, organisational skills and ambition by following up with a call to check your email or online application has been received. This enables you to build a relationship with the hiring manager, puts a voice and personal touch to the CV/email and will enhance your chances. You can then assess the process and when you can expect to hear back so you are not sat frustrated and waiting to hear back.

Be confident!

It is hard to come across confident in your approach as a graduate. You may never before have attended an interview or had a first day in the office.  You are entering the unknown and it is easy to give into fear since it is intimidating entering a workplace for an interview surrounded by experienced and self-assured individuals. Projecting confidence assures the interviewer and the company you can do the job, it is easier to appear confident when you are well prepared so follow all of the above tips and you can walk into the interview with your head held high and with a firm handshake.

Are you a 2022 graduate looking to embark on your career in Cyprus or Malta? Are you a graduate with no CV and looking for assistance in composing one which will stand out? Are you looking for a guide on what salary to expect in the market as a graduate in your discipline? GRS Recruitment are the leading Recruitment agency in Cyprus and Malta and for over 15 years have secured graduates their first job roles in leading international and local firms.  We have an expert team of Talent Specialists and Consultants who can advise on CV Writing, Interview Tips and Career Coaching. Get in touch through our online chat service, email or call the office today on +357 25342720