Aiming for a higher salary is one of the main reasons people seek new jobs; getting potential employers to give that salary is not always as easy as it sounds. If you are looking to get the paycheck of your dreams go through our tips based on our many years of experience in the recruitment sector.

Know the Exact Salary You Want
Before you head to any interview decide how much you’d like to be making, taking into consideration how much you are worth based on your experience and the current average offers in your industry. Heading to an interview uncertain will make you the weaker link in the negotiation.

How Much Lower are You Willing to Go?
Along with your desired salary, decide what is the lowest you are willing to accept for a job you really like. Just think if that extra 5% is really going to change your life or if it’s worth accepting a slightly lower salary than what you were aiming for, for a great career opportunity.

Don’t Counter Offer Too Many Times
This refers back to the previous point; once you know how much lower you are willing to go you don’t need to go through multiple counter offers. The negotiation can end once you’ve presented the lowest salary you are willing to accept. Going back and forth too many times will tire the employers and they will simply move on to the next best candidate.

Accept that a Company Can’t Afford You
It’s easy to believe that every company can pay the salary you want they just aren’t because you haven’t been persistent enough; that’s not true. Companies have a maximum and minimum budget for every position. For the right candidate they will go up to their maximum offer. So, if they don’t meet your expectations it is very likely that they simply cannot afford you.

Bargain Respectfully
There’s nothing wrong with negotiating the salary you want but do it respectfully and don’t cheapen yourself. Avoid sounding arrogant or demanding because that quickly translates to obnoxious. Remain polite and respectful, but be persistent and assertive. Keep things positive even if it turns out this is not the right job for you.

Your Salary is Part of Your Package
Make sure your salary is negotiated as a part of your package including vacation days, working hours, bonus schemes etc. Do not negotiate all other aspects of the job first and once you’ve reached an agreement go back and ask for a higher salary. This will only make you appear demanding. Instead, present all your requirements as one package and take it from there.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute
A big mistake many candidates make is not asking for a high salary for fear of not being selected. Once they are selected and have a contract ready to be signed they decide to speak up. This is a huge mistake that you should avoid making at all costs. From the very beginning you should be clear about your salary expectations and save yourself, as well as the company, time.

Alternatively, you can ask the GRS team to connect you with potential employers who already know your salary expectations and can help you reach your goal.