Mind the Gap | Get talent on demand with temporary staff

Business is constantly changing, and the only constant is that time is always critical, and the needs of businesses sometimes cannot be met by a company’s existing employees. When companies have landed new projects or are going through a transformation or simply have employees on maternity leave, sabbaticals or sickness, a flexible solution so as not to comprise the quality of service is required and Temporary Recruitment offers that solution that in turns brings enormous benefits to a company.

The benefits of Temporary Recruitment are many and it provides a cost effective and speedy solution to situations where hiring permanent employees is uneconomic or a company does not wish to add to their headcount and have new employees appear on their payroll. Essentially Temporary employees allow an employer to hire new employees to meet business demands yet allow the employer to avoid the cost and commitment of hiring and adding permanent employees to their payroll.

GRS Recruitment were the first company in Cyprus to be licensed by the Ministry of Labour to provide temporary recruitment services in Cyprus under the Temporary Workers Act 2012.In that time GRS Recruitment have provided hundreds of Temporary employees in a variety of business from Gaming, Financial Services, Banking, Government, Media, Travel Industry, FMCG and IT to name but a few.

They are a huge range of practical benefits to using the Temporary Recruitment option and it can provide enormous advantages to an organisation that needs to proactively manage their business, and these include:

Project Management – Upscaling your Team

If you have won a new client or project or are going through an acquisition or transformation Temporary Recruitment allows you to upscale your workforce almost immediately. Temporary employees can frequently start working straight away and hit the ground running which avoids notice periods.

Hire Experience – Change Is Good

A fresh new perspective can also be found when hiring an experienced Temporary employee. As they frequently bring in new ideas and ways of working into the business which can refresh and help an organisation grow.

Try Before you Buy

Hiring a Temporary employee allows you to ‘Try before you buy’ it gives each party the opportunity to trial work together without creating an employment relationship.

Bridge That Gap

Where you have employees absent from the business for a number reason Temporary Recruitment can bridge that gap ensuring the quality of service is maintained with both new and existing clients.

Cost Effective

Temporary Recruitment allows you to add employees to your team without increasing your headcount and permanent employee costs. You can hire multiple temps to cover peaks in demand without the long-term commitment allowing your business to respond to market needs and demands as they happen.

GRS Recruitment have over 17 years of providing Temporary recruitment and Outsourcing Project Services to some of the largest international companies in the world. With an unparalleled offering in the Cyprus & Malta markets GRS have the infrastructure to Payroll Temporary Workers, Contractors and Outsourced Teams. Whether you are looking for 1 employee or 200 employees GRS Recruitment has payrolled Temporary workers and Contractors from €15,000 euros per annum up to €300,000 per annum and we can offer a complete Turnkey solution.

Whether you’re facing unexpected demands, need to cover an absence or are implementing transformative change, we have the expertise to supply Temporary workers with the skills you need. Reach out to the team today info@grsrecrutiment.com or call the office +357 25342720.