Thank you and goodnight | How to professionally handle your resignation

How to professionally handle your resignation

You will find lots of advice on how to secure a great job, but what about how to resign professionally? Whether you’re not happy in your current role, have found something better or are simply ready for a change, resigning can be stressful. Living on the smaller islands of Cyprus and Malta resigning professionally is key to maintaining a positive reputation, and a good reference is vital for your future job search success. Here are our tips for how to resign professionally.

Know Your Commitments

Check your contract of employment in order that you are sufficiently informed of your notice period prior to resigning. It is a professional courtesy to honour your commitments, no matter how much your new employer is pushing you to start ASAP. You want to ensure that you are leaving your present employer on good terms, and this means playing by the rules.

Be Prepared

Have your resignation letter prepared prior to your meeting with your manager. Keep your letter brief and to the point, make sure it is addressed to the correct person be that your manager or the Human Resources department. Clearly state your intention to resign from the company, outline your notice period and your planned last day of employment. Express your willingness to assist in a smooth transition and thank them for the opportunity and experiences you have gained in working with them. Ensure that you close your letter professionally including both your full name and signature. Resignation letters shouldn’t fill you with dread, trust your decision and look forward to the exciting opportunity ahead of you.

Resign In Person

Meeting with your manager to resign in person shows that you take your role, organisation and decision seriously. We would generally never recommend quitting a job over email, as it can be seen as incredibly disrespectful. Of course, many of us now have the opportunity to work remotely and if an in-person meeting cannot be arranged then it would be best to schedule a video meeting with your manager in order not to delay the process.

Keep It Positive

If you are resigning because you are unhappy with your job, think carefully about the benefits of airing your reasons for leaving. Keep it simple and to the point there is no need to elaborate, try to leave on a positive note, keeping your resignation short and direct. Be confident about your decision to move on, yet appreciative of the opportunities you have had. Chances are you have met some great people, learned new skills, picked up valuable experience and had the opportunity to make a positive difference in your position with the company.

Beware of the Counter

When you have signed a new contract and made the commitment to move on you must be prepared to resist powerful, persuasive tactics which your employer may use to change your mind. It is invariably a costly irritation for employers to recruit your replacement and often they will do everything they can to keep you. They may offer you a salary increase, a promotion or promises for the future. They can also apply strong emotional and psychological pressure. At times it can be attractive and tempting to accept but was this the reason you wanted to leave and will they honour those promises. Why does it take a new company to recognise your talent for your present employer to understand your true worth? When you have made your decision to move on stand true in your convictions.

Keep up the Good Work

You have made the effort to ensure a strong professional reputation at work, be sure to maintain it. Ensure to protect your professional reputation by giving your very best right up until your final day. Your last few weeks at work are just as important as your first, both are great opportunities to cement your reputation. Remember your working relationships with your colleagues might be coming to an end but your paths may cross again throughout your career. Providing a comprehensive handover and ensuring your colleagues are supported in the transition of your departure is the sign of a consummate professional.

At GRS Recruitment we support you each step of way from securing your next opportunity to answering questions about how to reign from your job the right way. Rest assured we will guide you on parting on good terms with a professional approach. The time for change is now call +357 24342720 or +356 21680800 to discuss your options.