Don’t go it alone | Why you should work with a recruiter to achieve your career goals

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Whether you’re searching for a new job or thinking of a career change you will gain a competitive edge in working with GRS Recruitment. There are a multitude of benefits for job seekers looking for that next opportunity in using a recruitment agency, and when working with GRS you are working in partnership with a top firm and the largest recruitment agency in Cyprus with more than 15 years of knowledge and experience.

Market Knowledge and Exclusive Insights

First and foremost, the service is free to job seekers, and agencies offer an unprecedented amount of market information in terms of salaries and availability of jobs as they have an overview of the demand and supply in the local job market.  Added to this is the huge advantage that some agencies will be working exclusively with clients, so may often have opportunities that you will not find listed in the media or on Job Boards. At GRS we work as an extension of the HR Department of several international companies, and they work with us exclusively in Cyprus and Malta to find the best candidates on the market for them. We can open a network of new opportunities that are not openly available in the marketplace.

Confidentiality is Key

Living and working in the smaller islands of Cyprus & Malta confidentiality is a must when looking for a new position and providing you work with a professional agency you won’t be compromised when engaging in your job search. A good professional agency will anonymise your CV to ensure that your identity is kept confidential until you agree to meet with a prospective new employer. This cannot always be given when you send out direct applications or apply through Job Boards as you never know who will read your CV! A cornerstone of our business has been candidate and client confidentiality and when we started GRS some people said our business would not work as everyone knows each other in Cyprus & Malta. However, the reason we were successful was because we gave people the freedom to find a new job on a strictly confidential basis.

Negotiate with Skill

When it comes to discussing or negotiating a new salary most of us are uncomfortable with the whole process, by using an experienced and commercial recruiter they will do this job for you. By negotiating with the Client, the recruitment agency will be able to get you the best financial offer and benefits package available within the parameters given. Through effective negotiation a good recruiter will present you with a financial job offer that they know you will accept as it fulfils your financial aspirations and as we say ‘ticks most of your boxes’.

With You Each Step of the Way

With a vast range of local industry knowledge, a good recruiter will be able offer you advice on your career and CV. Offering ad-hoc career advice to ensure you are on the right track to achieve your aspirations and long terms goals. In summary if you want to get head in your career you need to choose a professional licensed recruitment agency with a well-established track record of placing candidate in jobs. At GRS we have been placing candidate in Cyprus and Malta for the last 17 years from Graduates to Senior Executives. Indeed, graduates we have placed in the past are now Directors, CEO’s and CFO and we now help them recruit for their businesses, as well keeping an eye open for their next opportunity!

For that confidential discussion or your next job or career move in Cyprus or Malta please contact us today on +357 2534 2720 or +356 2168 0800. Together we work in partnership with to achieve your dream.