Message From the GRS GROUP Founder Re: COVID-19

The Covid-19 coronavirus presents challenging times for Cyprus, and, indeed the world.  Humanity has not faced such a situation for over 100 years and the Virus impacts every person of every nation and every business in the world.

We think it’s important to share some of the steps we’re taking at the GRS Group to keep things running as normal as we continue to provide our usual Recruitment and Payroll Services whilst working within the parameters and latest announcements  of the Cyprus  Government and the European Union.

We’re making decisions and acting quickly as we gain new information from official directives and and our primary objective is to protect the safety of our Team, Candidates, Clients and the Community  at large. While this is an uncertain time, we want to reassure you that it is ‘Business as Usual’ as there is still a very strong underlying demand from our clients and our candidates for our services. Meetings and interviews maybe conducted by Skype, Zoom, What’s App, Viber and the good old telephone but we are seeing that business continues!

With our advanced and secure IT infrastructure all of our staff are able to function and operate as they would if they were based in the Office but are actually working remotely from home to help combat the spread of the Virus. Our IT security systems are such that the confidentiality and integrity of all of our Servers and Database are 100% secure regardless of our field or location of operation.

We will continue to monitor and reflect government advice and will update you as the situation changes via our website and social channels.

We’re going to carry on doing what we do best as we work and  engage with you through our Recruitment & Payroll Services. To all of our Clients and Candidates we would say continue to be your best, stay connected, stay responsible and act with kindness.

Thank you for your Business and we wish you the very best during these unprecedented times.



Steve Slocombe -Founder GRS Group