Individual’s Tax Return Completion

Individual’s Tax Return Completion

Individual’s tax return for 2019 is now open for completion. Individuals are now able to complete their tax returns for 2019 online through the Taxisnet portal. The deadline for all individual taxpayers to fill out the online forms is October 30, 2020.

If Individuals have not already done so from last year, they must register with the Tax Department and proceed accordingly with the completion of their tax return.

The following Personal income tax rates apply to individuals:


Bracket Annual Chargeable Income Rate        Accumulated tax
1 up to €19 500 0%                NIL
2 €19 501 – €28 000 20%             €1700
3 €28 001 – €36 300 25%             €3775
4 €36 301 – €60 000 30%             €10885
5 €60,001 and above 35%


In the case that the calculations come out to you having overpaid your taxes after submitting your form, a tax refund will be processed by the Tax Department in due time.

Please ensure that your IBAN number and Swift code of your Bank are properly included on the relevant field on the return.

In the case that the calculations conclude to a tax payable, you will need to proceed with the settlement via the Tax portal.

Important Note: According to Circular 46 of Income Tax Legislation (dd 20/08/2020) as of 2020 any individual with any income is obliged to submit an Individual’s Tax Return personally revising via taxisnet by the due date, which going forward will be the 31st of July following the year of the assessment.

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