GRS Relocation Guide

Relocating to another country for work is an excellent opportunity for widening your career prospects and gaining new life experiences.

Thanks to globalization, applicants often have plenty of opportunities for relocation as corporations from the world’s largest industries – often recruit new employees internationally, because they want to ensure they find the most eligible and qualified candidates to fill their vacancies.

However, when that time comes making the final choice to pick everything up and move is not that simple. There are multiple factors that you must consider including your family’s happiness, what is best for them and your personal goals.

As the largest recruitment specialists in Cyprus and Malta, we often deal with employees that are looking to relocate to these countries. We are personally aware of what it takes to decide to relocate to another country for better career opportunities from having a high expat workforce ourselves and successfully recruiting applicants from abroad into roles in Cyprus and Malta on a monthly basis. Below we have assembled a checklist of things you need to consider if you are thinking of accepting a position from abroad.

How Will You Support Yourself?

How you will support yourself (financially) is one of the most important factors that will influence whether you move or not.  Therefore, you will have to prepare by doing plenty of research on the job market, what skills are in demand and what paperwork (permits) you will need to be able to work in that country legally.

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How will Relocation Affect Your Professional Development?

Switching jobs is often a scary thought because you risk losing the seniority and network you have built in your previous position. The idea becomes even more frightening when you must move to a new country and start over from zero.

However, changing job roles is a great way to increase your experience and expand your skillset. When this career change takes place in another country, you also get the bonus of learning about how other culture’s work and you get to expand your professional network.

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What is the cost of living?

One of the most deciding crucial factors of whether you will be relocating is the cost of living in the new country. Whether you have found a new role, you must ensure that you earn enough to be able to support yourself and your family. Again, this will require research into the local cost of living, which includes food, housing, taxes, and healthcare.

*if you are interested in moving to Cyprus or Malta and you want to learn more about these countries, our free moving guides will provide you with the key insight you need to inform your decision…….

At GRS Recruitment, we can simplify this process and ensure that your transition between countries is as smooth as possible. Our team has over 15 years’ experience helping candidates find their dream jobs through our various services. Visit our Candidates page and scroll to the bottom to find our guides for moving to Cyprus and Malta.