15 December 2014

The holiday season is typically one of the busiest times of year and this is true for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a small start-up company or a large multinational corporation, the seasonal period is always likely to place a heavier strain on your current team who are under immense pressure to meet additional obligations and tight deadlines.

This time of year – as with any other holiday period, is the ideal time to outsource a temporary employee, whether for the purpose of meeting simple tasks and responsibilities or for fulfilling more significant requirements.

GRS is the only licensed recruitment agency in Cyprus to provide temporary workers to its Cyprus-based clients, whether during the busy Christmas season or at any other time of year. Temporary workers are becoming increasingly sought after, particularly in the midst of the financial crisis, and GRS has a wide network of available workers on hand to cover your every recruitment need. GRS engages the temporary worker under a contract and takes care of the payroll of the worker including all statutory payments.

This leading international recruitment agency has the capacity to fulfil every temporary requirement you might have, from a temporary administrator or receptionist to man the front desk, to a qualified Accountant to assist with peaks in business and special projects.

GRS, which recently celebrated 10 years of success as Cyprus’ biggest leading recruitment consultancy, takes the stress and responsibility out of hiring a temporary worker. Once the application is received from the candidate, GRS screens and reference-checks the candidate to ensure that he or she is well suited to meet the requirements of a particular role. Only then will that individual be recommended to the client.

Temporary Workers Bring Benefits at any Time of Year

Hiring temporary workers bring numerous benefits to any business – not just during the holiday period, but at any time of year. They relieve your existing team of feeling over-burdened with extra responsibilities and also ensure that tight deadlines are met with, which consequently increases your bottom line.

Temporary workers can also be brought in to cover employee shortages, staff holidays, long-term sickness or maternity leave, or even to complete specialist work that your existing team may not be qualified to do.

With temporary placements there is no need to increase company headcount on the balance sheet, as GRS is responsible for providing the client with an invoice for the salary of the individual and for processing the individual’s payroll.

This mitigates the rising costs involved in hiring a new employee, including healthcare costs, insurance and social security costs, as well as the cost of time involved in hiring from your Human Resources department and reporting and processing payroll.

GRS: Bringing Expertise, Network & Lower Costs

GRS has a high level of expertise in finding the most appropriate and highly qualified individuals to fill positions and has a large network of available workers who can quickly fill any positon. This will save you time from start to finish as you will not need to advertise the position, interview candidates and process new hire documentation for a temporary position. This will also result in tremendous savings related to turnover and training costs.

Finally, bringing in a temporary worker offers the ideal opportunity to find a qualified and highly skilled individual and hire them on a permanent basis if you are particularly impressed with their performance. Hiring a temporary worker through a recruitment agency leads to high employee retention as the employer has the unique opportunity to observe employee performance, qualifications and work habits before deciding whether or not to offer the individual a permanent position.

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