GRS Recruitment: Internal Versus External Hiring

GRS, Cyprus’ leading recruitment agency

04 September 2015

One of the challenges that businesses face is determining the best way to recruit: through an internal or external recruitment process. GRS assesses the pros and cons of each approach.

Recruitment: Internal Versus External Hiring

Recruitment is one of the most important and sensitive parts of the HR process and making a recruitment mistake can be immensely costly to any business. With the exorbitant costs in place to hire and train an employee, hiring the wrong person can have a huge detrimental impact on a business’ net profits and employee morale, consequently forcing them to begin the recruitment process again to find a new hire.

One major consideration in the recruitment process is whether to hire internally or externally. Hiring internally, using an internal resourcing team, involves passing the hiring responsibility on to an in-house team, who know the objectives and procedures of your business inside-out. This method also focuses on promoting employees from within usually by posting advertisements internally and creating and shuffling teams to fill certain roles.

Countless businesses will use their current in-house HR team to hire from within, since these individuals know the corporate culture and team of staff well. Recruiting internally has its advantages: the individual hired already knows and understands your current business model, culture and processes well before assuming the new position. Not only is the individual easy to find and train, but he or she will also be able to assimilate into the new position far quicker than an employee who was sourced externally.

That being said, this method of recruitment does limit companies to their current quota of staff and as skill sets become even rarer and more specific for a particular role, it is becoming increasingly critical to branch out to a wider talent pool when hiring to find the most suitable individual.

Furthermore, internal recruitment can also bring about problems with equal opportunities and in promoting a diverse workforce. To contrast, external recruiting ensures a diverse workforce not only in terms of age, gender and ethnicity but also in terms of personality types, thinking styles and education backgrounds.

External recruiting brings a wider talent pool

Many businesses prefer to adopt an external recruitment process to pass the responsibility of recruitment onto an experienced recruitment consultancy who will seek, screen and deliver employees on their behalf.

External recruitment brings with it countless substantial advantages. A professional agency such as GRS possesses a wide pool of qualified candidates that they can easily draw upon. Employers will gain access to the right candidates who are specifically qualified for the role they are trying to fill.

Recruitment agencies also possess in-depth market knowledge and expertise combined with state-of-the-art technology and assessment tools designed to locate the most applicable candidates for the position. GRS, Cyprus’ leading recruitment agency, has more than 10 years of experience in the industry together with a database of more than 30,000 candidates. Drawing on such a huge pool of talent helps to fill available positions quickly and with the right company-specific skills required to fulfil the desired role.

GRS will also provide you with an end-to-end recruitment process that begins with screening and shortlisting appropriate candidates and assisting with the interview process. Upon the selection of a successful candidate, they will also assist you with creating an appealing and competitive package.

Once hired, the individual will bring in a fresh perspective and new information or methodologies acquired from their previous employment that can be integrated into your best practices. Having not been exposed or overexposed to your corporate culture, this individual will also help to balance the workplace, leading to team stability instead of team segmentation. Hiring externally is also a great way to maintain the level of open-mindedness, innovation and creativity needed for an organisation to excel.

Attracting and retaining top talent: the key to organisational success

Getting the recruitment process right is fundamental to the overall success of your business and although external sourcing requires more time and investment, it gives you a competitive edge when recruiting the ultimate talent for a position. With a solid team of employees who are all ideally suited for their roles, you will be able to lead your company in the right direction and take it to new heights, ensuring it remains competitive in the marketplace as it evolves and grows.