Get to know GRS Founder & Director Steve Slocombe
Gold Magazine March 2019 Edition

Grab your copy of Gold magazine to get a closer look at GRS Global Recruitment Solutions Founder and Director Steve Slocombe who’s featured in the magazine’s March edition. Gold magazine is a largely popular magazine that covers various topics including investment, business, management, taxation and more. Steve, who created GRS and helped it turn into a market leader in Cyprus for recruitment and payroll services, speaks about his career, leading a team, lessons he’s learned and how he balances his professional obligations with his family life. We’re proud to have Steve at the helm of the company and we know you’ll love him too once you go through his direct quotes in the magazine. “I like to engage with my team and I always put myself in their shoes – one size doesn’t fit all. I don’t expect any of my employees to do something I wouldn’t do myself” Steve Slocombe.