Embracing ESG | Sustainable Growth for Businesses in Cyprus

Ioulia Ananikidou

Senior Recruitment Consultant


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors have become increasingly important in the last few years and are now influencing business decisions all over the world. Companies in Cyprus are seeing the value of incorporating ESG concepts into their operations. This happens because the whole community becomes more aware of how business actions affect the environment and society. Discover the importance of ESG for sustainable growth for businesses in Cyprus, and how companies may use it to achieve long-term growth.


What is ESG?

ESG refers to a set of criteria used to evaluate a company’s performance in the environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and corporate governance.

  • Environmental – This aspect focuses on a company’s impact on the environment, including its carbon footprint, energy efficiency, waste management practices, and efforts to mitigate climate change.
  • Social – Social factors encompass a company’s relationships with its employees, customers, suppliers, and communities. This includes diversity and inclusion initiatives, labor practices, human rights considerations, and community engagement efforts.
  • Governance – Governance refers to the systems and processes that govern a company’s operations and decision-making. Strong governance practices promote transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior at all levels of the organisation.


The Growing Importance of ESG in Cyprus

In Cyprus, businesses are starting to recognise there is a growing recognition among industries of the importance of ESG involvement. Cyprus is a small island with a rich cultural heritage and diverse ecosystems. However, these phenomena can make Cyprus particularly vulnerable to environmental and social challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, and social inequality.

Furthermore, investors, consumers, and other stakeholders are increasingly prioritising sustainability and ethical business practices. Companies that demonstrate a commitment to ESG principles are better positioned to attract investment and clients and also to mitigate risks and enhance long-term value creation. Therefore, integrating ESG is very important in today’s business world in order to create sustainable growth for businesses.


Embracing ESG for Sustainable Growth

So, what are the key strategies companies in Cyprus can use to embrace ESG principles to drive sustainable growth?

  1. Integrate ESG into your Business Strategy – Incorporate ESG considerations into the core of your business strategy, to ensure that the sustainability goals are aligned with your broader organisational objectives. This may involve setting targets, developing ESG policies, and integrating sustainability metrics into performance evaluations.
  2. Engage Stakeholders –  Collaborate with stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and local communities. It will help you understand their expectations and priorities regarding ESG issues. Engaging stakeholders in dialogue and decision-making processes encourages transparency and trust.
  3. Invest in Sustainability Initiatives – Implement sustainability initiatives such as energy efficiency improvements, waste reduction measures, and sustainable supply chain practices. By doing so, you will reduce your environmental impact as a business, generate cost savings and enhance brand reputation. Some examples of investing in Sustainability include but are not limited to using less paper, limiting power consumption, decorating buildings with plants both indoors and outdoors, recycling, allowing remote working and supporting green suppliers.
  4. Promote Diversity and Inclusion – Embrace diversity and inclusion within the workforce contributes to a more innovative, resilient, and socially responsible organisation. Companies can promote diversity through recruitment and retention strategies, training and development programs. As GRS is the leading recruitment agency in Cyprus, we hold a diverse candidate database. Therefore, if you need to diversify your organisation, contact us to find out how we can assist your business.
  5. Enhance Governance Practices – Strengthen corporate governance practices, including board diversity, transparency, and ethical behavior. This is critical for building trust and credibility with stakeholders. Powerful governance frameworks help mitigate risks and ensure accountability across the organisation.


Companies that adopt ESG elements can improve resilience, reduce risks, promote sustainable growth, and produce long-term value for all stakeholders. Moreover, embracing ESG principles fosters innovation, driving operational efficiency, and fostering employee engagement. As Cyprus navigates the transition towards a more sustainable future, integrating ESG into your business strategy will be essential for fostering economic prosperity, social well-being, and environmental stewardship. Ultimately, by aligning with global sustainability goals, companies in Cyprus can not only contribute to positive societal impact but also secure their own future viability and success in a rapidly changing world.

Join us for a fruitful discussion about ESG at Cyprus International Business Forum (CIBA), where a number of aspects of ESG will be covered. How can businesses implement ESG practices, what challenges other companies may have faced and the benefits of implementing ESG principles in your business.