Tick Tock | Career lessons most of us learn too late

Life is a rollercoaster of successes and failures. What matters is that we keep striving for success and never let failure determine our future goals. Everyone makes mistakes from which they learn valuable lessons from. There is more to life and success than just keeping busy. Here are 10 career lessons most of us learn too late:

Social networks matter

You may find it dull and boring attending networking events or chatting with co-workers around the watercooler. You may just accept the fact that you were simply born an introvert. However, study after study shows that social networks are vital to our success. In fact, the majority of successful people tend to have the broadest and most diverse social networks.

Sacrificing your health for success or wealth is not worth it

It’s great that you want to achieve and always strive for success, as well as work to your fullest potential. It’s great to earn a high salary and be doing well. Many successful people have a hard time creating a work-life balance and end up burning out or developing serious health problems from stress and overwork. It’s much easier to stay healthy than to heal from a problem or disease. No amount of success or money can repay your health and mental well-being. Health should always come first so don’t take it for granted and take steps to mitigate stress that could cause potential problems in the future.


Technological advancements today are a clear sign that you are never done with learning. If you decide to stick to what you know, or what you are good at, you may quickly find yourself in a place where you believe you are only good at one thing. Agility is key in today’s modern working world, along with being nimble and interested in more than one thing. If you do not diversify, you may get stuck on a job or career you don’t really love, or that does not evolve.

Worrying doesn’t achieve anything

Fear and anxiety are the main hindrances to being successful. If you waste your time being afraid to pursue an idea, speak up, or are worried what others think of you, you won’t achieve your goals. By getting out of your comfort zone, making mistakes and pushing through that worry and fear, you will see a major change in your behaviour and see that you were worried about nothing.

Failure is not an end

Giving up when something goes wrong, you make a mistake, or you fail at something will lead you nowhere. Instead, look at failure as an opportunity to do better and the beginning of a new journey. If you embrace this mindset, you are more likely to try again and succeed at something else. It is only human and normal to fail, not only once but many times in life. The important thing is to try new things and follow a new career path to discover more opportunities for growth and diversification.

Don’t only work for money

We can all agree that money is essential to survive but it should not be the main driver to remain in a job role. Money isn’t everything! Staying in a role for money and nothing else harms your mental health and hinders your opportunities to grow on a personal and professional level. Find a job that you enjoy, and you may feel happier and healthier as a result.

Learn to say no

Even if you are just starting out in a new job, or this is your first ever job and you are beginning your career journey, do not let others take advantage of you! It can be easy to accept too much extra work when attempting to impress superiors, however, this is a mistake since it can have a negative backlash on you. Be sure to only say yes to extra work that you are capable of doing and that you have the time to complete to a high standard. If you take on too much work it can cause stress levels to rise and accuracy, as well as productivity levels, to fall.

Be a team player

Being successful at work comes from working and developing as a team. Of course, everyone has responsibilities of their own, but group success is what drives businesses forward. Large projects need more than one perspective to succeed, as well as multiple ideas and brainstorming sessions. Therefore, if you regularly work alone, you may discover that you aren’t very successful in the long run.

Ask and negotiate

It is fair to say that nothing gets handed to you on a silver platter. Making sure you ask for the right roles, high-impact assignments, salary and growth is crucial in the working world. Negotiating the salary or position that you deserve is never wrong! The worst that could happen is that you get refused for the current opportunity, but by asking, you ensure that you get considered for the next one.

Move out of your comfort zone

Every once in a while, assess if you have settled into a comfort zone. If you have, make sure you change that immediately! Either change your role or the organisation, take a foreign placement or build a new skillset. Comfort zones become dangerous and can hinder progress and growth. Always be open and willing to try something new, even if it scares you at first.

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