Communication is key to the success of any team and overall success of any company. Still, it remains a problem in many workplaces and continues to be a challenge most companies face. How can you improve communication between employees? Here are 10 tips from GRS;

1. Keep Everyone Informed and in-the-know
Informing your employees about changes happening in the company, new decisions, meetings being arranged, and any other updates will make them feel that they matter and therefore more comfortable and confident to communicate their opinions.

2. Create Shared Documents & Calendars
Don’t isolate your team members from each other’s work. Let them have access to everything happening even if it’s not their personal task. This will make them feel like they are part of the overall company rather than just their job description.

3. When They Talk, Listen
When opinions are expressed, reward them by listening attentively and when possible execute the suggestions. This way your team members will know that expressing their opinions and communicating their frustrations will not go to waste.

4. Have Frequent Meetings
Take the time to have weekly or at least frequent team meetings where everyone can share their tasks and workload with the rest of team. This way the entire team understands what their colleagues are doing and can easily approach them to discuss further.

5. Involve the Team in Making Decisions
When you are deciding on the next team building event, which venue to use for the Christmas party or what colour to paint the office walls, ask your team to be involved and express their opinions. This will not only make them feel highly rewarded, but it will also encourage them to communicate their opinions in general.

6. Encourage On-the-Spot Meetings
Let your employees know that they can call their own meetings at any time to discuss a project, resolve a problem or for any other work-related reason. This gives them their own right in the workspace to decide when a discussion needs to be made and communicate what needs to be communicated.

7. Schedule Brainstorming Sessions
Brainstorming is a great way to get all employees to express their opinions without worrying about sounding stupid or being reprimanded. This creates a light atmosphere where jokes can be exchanged and barriers can be broken, allowing even the most timid of members to open up.

8. Limit the Hierarchy Ladder
If the team has too many managers they become isolated with their immediate superior rather than being able to speak to whoever they are most comfortable with. This limits their communication with each other and leads to lack of initiative.

9. Allow Freedom of Speech
If team members know that they can express their opinions, even the less pleasant ones, they will be more comfortable communicating their concerns, making suggestions and speaking to their colleagues more freely and openly.

10. Organize Out of Work Activities
Nothing will encourage colleagues to communicate better than being comfortable around each other outside the office. Whether it’s through team building activities or simply through going out for after-work drinks, creating a friendly atmosphere will definitely improve communication.