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GRS Celebrates its 12 Year Anniversary

GRS Celebrates its 12 Year Anniversary

GRS Recruitment Team, Cyprus and Malta

01 February, 2017

Cyprus’ most established recruitment agency, GRS Global Recruitment Solutions, recently reached a milestone as it celebrated its 12 year anniversary. Co-founded by Donna Stephenson and Steve Slocombe, the company has grown significantly and accomplished a great deal since it was founded in 2005.


Today, this leading agency has offices in Limassol, Nicosia and Malta with dedicated hiring teams across all three offices.

Heavy Investment in Team and Brand

Since its inception, GRS has strengthened its position as the most prominent recruiter in Cyprus and is today recognised as the most professional, confidential and highly effective recruitment service in the country.

The company, which places a particular emphasis on strong leadership, is constantly striving to build client and candidate confidence in its recruiting services by providing a quality, efficient and cost-effective service. GRS also places a strong care and emphasis on relationship management with all of its clientele, while the company is proud to boast that many candidate placements have driven their careers to the highest levels in Cyprus and have added enormous value to their organisation’s success.

GRS co-founders Donna Stephenson and Steve Slocombe both play a very active role in the company, ensuring that it continues to strive for the best practices and provide both candidates and clients with reliable, timely and cost-effective recruitment solutions. GRS invests heavily in its team and brand, thus leading to the consistent delivery of service in a fast time that never compromises on quality. Offering a fun, productive and enjoyable work environment for its team of 22 passionate employees, each and every team member is a positive ambassador for the company while there is a great team spirit and high staff morale.

Focus on Technology and Innovation

As well as reputation, GRS’ market knowledge is second to none. The company is recognised as a leading brand and is at the forefront of most newly established companies at their setup phase and throughout the years of their operation.

GRS is also a lead recruiter to many sectors of the Cyprus economy including professional services, accounting and audit, financial services, IT and energy.

GRS has achieved a great deal of success since it was first founded and has been awarded recruitment partner for many infrastructure projects, including:

  • Larnaca and Paphos Airport construction
  • Desalination plants
  • Wind farms
  • Emergency electricity supply projects 
  • H&M retail flagship store Nicosia
  • Energy hub terminal
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and development Annual Conference

Furthermore, they continue to grow their services for contracting of employees and temporary workers for companies that have their operations overseas and require a service agreement for personnel working in Cyprus.

In addition to the above services, GRS expanded into payroll through its Group Company Fairfax Yeaman, which is a fully-fledged payroll outsourcing and accounting company that carries out payroll services for many leading companies in Cyprus. 

Finally, GRS has readied itself for growth by investing heavily in technology and innovation since 2005, which has been fundamental in equipping the team with the best recruiting software in the market and assisting in the placement of thousands of candidates in jobs over the years. GRS’ ability to engineer solutions based on customer’s specific needs has helped the company to continually grow over the past 12 years whilst offering promise for future growth.