CV Writing & Career Guidance Services


The experienced GRS team are well equipped with the knowledge to assist you in producing an effective Curriculum Vitae to ensure that you are maximising all of  your potential during your career search. GRS can also assist you with career coaching and interview preparation.

CV Writing:

Graduate/Entry Level CV = €50  + VAT

Professional Level CV =  €100 + VAT (2 years+ Work experience)

Executives/Directors CV = €200 + VAT

CV Writing helps you take a critical look at your past accomplishments and skills. It’s the perfect way to enter the work place or rebuild your resume for that next-level opportunity.

For further information on the dedicated CV writing service, please contact a member of our team on +357 25342720 or +357 22769369 or email

Career Coaching:

Entry Level = €250 + VAT

Professional Level = €300 + VAT (2 years+ Work experience)  

Executives/Directors = €400 + VAT

This includes:

1) CV and Interview preparation

Meeting with the GRS expert, the career coaching session will focus on giving you ‘the tools’ to compete in the current employment market, ensuring that you have a well written CV and excellent presentation skills to market yourself effectively to maximize every opportunity within the employment market.

  • Advise on your personal presentation and the importance of first impressions when making applications and at interview stage.
  • Preparing each individual for the interview process.
  • Conveying the importance of initial Company research before an interview.

2) Role Play/Plan of Action

In this session the GRS Expert will carry out a ‘mock interview’ in a formal role play scenario. Will give constructive feedback at the end of the interview detailing strengths and where improvements need to be made in your interview technique. With an agreed Plan of Action we will ensure that you know how to effectively commence your job search starting with a well written and reflective CV, excellent presentation skills, good grasp on how to conduct yourself during an interview and guidance on how to source relevant job opportunities in the market place.


For further information on the CV writing or Career Coaching services of GRS please contact  +357 25342720 or email