HR Outsourcing


The HR Team

The HR Outsourcing Team is led by GRS Founders Donna Stephenson and Steve Slocombe both with significant experience of providing HR services in Cyprus. The Team members are Annita Paliou and Debbie Hadjisocratous, both Greek & English speaking and offering your business the benefits of progressive HR practices and solutions that are customised to your needs while ensuring the timely delivery of professional and cost effective results.

The GRS HR Service can support your HR needs from business set-up, to strategy development, to training and even complete handling of all your HR activities. We offer integrity, reliability, and the comfort that the people processes are operating effectively and handled by a team of seasoned HR professionals.

GRS HR Services offers your business the benefits of progressive HR practices and solutions, customised to your needs while ensuring the timely delivery of professional and cost effective results.”

By utilising the GRS HR Services, your organisation will benefit from implementing cutting edge HR initiatives, creative solutions, robust and adaptable processes and much more. Our HR team has extensive international experience working with a variety of organisation sizes, from the very small to the very large, from the traditional to the progressive and across a variety of industries.

We are keen to work with your HR department by supporting them with new or ongoing projects as and when necessary, offering the advantage of HR expertise without the headcount increase and associated operational costs.

We will work alongside your organisation to provide solutions including: 

  • Organisational Development, Change Management and Company Reengineering
  • Rightsizing – strategy, planning and implementation
  • Employee Contracts and Handbooks (including other HR administrative processes)
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Performance Management – Systems and Evaluation
  • HR Reporting, HR Audits and Analysis
  • Learning and Development – HRDA Administration and support
  • Compensation and Benefits, Internal Salary benchmarking
  • Talent Management and Coaching
  • Communication and Employer Branding
  • People Initiatives, Team Building
  • HR Effectiveness
  • Job Evaluations and Competency Frameworks
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Leadership Development
  • Culture Development, Values and Mission Statements
  • Outplacement and Career Counselling
  • Industrial Relations including mediation support and coaching

In addition to individual projects, we can support your HR department and facilitate the outsourcing of your HR function. The GRS HR Service offers a modular approach that is adaptable to any stage of your company’s development, some example packages of which are:

Start up and Set up

  • Recruitment, Assessment Centres
  • Employment Contracts – Front line, Supervisory/Middle Management and Executive
  • Employment Policies
  • Induction and Training

Review and Exceed

  • Salary Benchmarking
  • Talent Review
  • Learning and Development Analysis
  • Performance Management

Engage and Communicate

  • Engagement Surveys and Strategy
  • Communication Coaching
  • Methods/Tools for Communication – Intranets, Newsletters, Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Leadership Development
  • Employer Branding

Compensation and Benefits

  • Review and develop competitive benefits packages that are competitive and in line with your  employee demographics
  • Evaluate salary levels, benchmark salary levels and review compensation levels in line with parity
  • Develop monetary and non-monetary schemes to reward performance
  • Develop commission plans and target related bonus schemes

Talent Management

  • Attract, select, manage, engage, reward and retain the right talent for your organisation
  • Assist in developing assessment centres for large scale recruitment
  • Develop induction processes and ongoing development pathways for all levels
  • Develop succession planning maps to address developmental needs
  • Develop retention strategies to harness and motivate talent within your organisation
  • Provide tools to identify, assess and develop the leadership talent within your organisation for current and future needs

Organisational Development and Change Management

  • Develop People strategies that are aligned to the operational needs of your organisation
  • Manage large and small scale reorganisations whether to address operational changes, mergers or acquisitions
  • Advise on structures, leadership teams and workforce efficiency/effectiveness
  • Improve organisational and HR effectiveness
  • Develop tools to drive and direct employee behaviours that reflect your organisation’s values and goals
  • Advise on organisation transformation, whether building capability from within or externally.
  • Develop employee and departmental models, organisational structure and detailed role profiling
  • Workforce needs analysis and modelling
  • Change management
  • Culture visioning and transformation


  • Design communication tools in various platforms to empower, engage and develop your employees
  • Develop both written and verbal communication tools to motivate and drive your employees
  • Advise and coach management with people related communications both verbally and written, tailoring it to your organisations “ways of business”

Learning and Development

  • Provide learning and development solutions for your organisation in various platforms
  • Develop learning pathways both technical and soft skills based
  • Develop learning and development strategy from needs analysis, delivery/facilitation of workshops/session, evaluation and continuous improvement ensuring your development plan in is aligned with your organisation’s strategy.
  • Develop leadership programmes including coaching, workshops, feedback and ongoing action learning  
  • Develop competency based assessments to address any developmental gaps and provide learning and development interventions for that next career step up.

Performance Management

  • Implement, review and develop performance review cycle
  • Design and implement performance review systems that link with learning and development needs and succession mapping
  • Design performance review system that can link directly to reward incentives
  • Provide coaching and support to assist Managers in coaching their teams, managing performance and providing constructive and effective feedback.

People Initiatives

  • Team building activities
  • Employee Branding
  • Internal communications
  • Non-financial reward initiative’s
  • Development of an Intranet
  • Diversity and Inclusion initiatives

HR Effectiveness

  • Develop and coach HR teams, develop internal expertise to support your organisation
  • Engagement surveys and follow up action plans
  • Develop People strategies to assist in improving HR effectiveness and efficiency
  • Develop HR partnering models that impact positively to your organisation’s bottom line
  • Assist in creating results orientated workforce and realise opportunities for efficiency and operational effectiveness through proactive people planning
  • Assist in providing measurable results e.g. absence management, turnover
  • Set up and/or review of operational HR, contracts, policies, procedures, practice
  • HR advice on employee relation issues
  • Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

With GRS HR you are able to build effective strategies to enable your organisation to reach and engage with your people at all levels, and support your organisation through the employee lifecycle from recruitment to retirement, organisational change and engagement. With access to a complete payroll system, HR service and recruitment services, GRS are ideally placed to provide a complete one provider solution to your People needs.

For Further information contact

Donna Stephenson, Director (Limassol) Tel: + 357 25342720

Steve Slocombe, Director (Nicosia) Tel: +357 22769369