GRS Outplacement Programme Overview:

The Outplacement service offered by GRS is a flexible solution that aims to ease the shock and disappointment that retrenchment often brings to employees. It is flexible service as each Outplacement Service can be tailored to the Employees requirements to suit their personal circumstances.
At GRS our standard Outplacement Service is a four-stage campaign that is designed to facilitate getting Employees back into full-time employment as soon as possible.

Sesssion1: Initial Employee Meeting/Debrief (one hour)

Our initial one-to-one meeting with each Employee will be to understand their response and reaction to their situation. The aim will be to ensure that they regain their confidence and retain a positive attitude towards finding a new job and where necessary begin gathering information to put together their CV.

We will analyze their likes and dislikes about their current role and what options would be available for a career change. The aim of the initial meeting will be to boost their self-confidence by highlighting what their strengths are and to help them realize that changes in their circumstances can have very positive outcomes. We will also establish a single point of contact so they have a Career Counselor to contact throughout the Program, who they will work with on a one-to-one basis at all times.

Session 2: CV Preparation (one hour)

GRS will produce for each individual a CV that Employers and recruiters will want to read that is effectively a marketing document that will project and present them in a positive and high impact way. This session will include making a target list of companies to approach on a speculative basis (GRS will make these introductory calls to companies agreed with the individual on their behalf). GRS will also agree a checklist of media to monitor on a weekly basis including printed and on-line media to ensure all employment opportunities are covered.

Session 3: Career Coaching

The third meeting session will focus on giving employees ‘the tools’ to compete in the current employment market, ensuring that they have the presentation skills to market themselves effectively to maximize every opportunity within the employment market.

  • Advise on their personal presentation and the importance of first impressions when making applications and at interview stage.
  • Preparing each individual for the interview process.
  • Conveying the importance of initial Company research before an interview.
  • Interview role play, which will include the importance of: first impressions, building rapport, tell me about yourself, answering those difficult interview questions, understanding competency based interviews and what questions to ask during and at the end of the interview.
  • The follow up post interview.
  • Ensure that each individual is aware of the benefits of networking.
  • Help them to understand that finding a new job can be a full-time job.

Session 4: Role Play/Plan of Action (one hour)

In the fourth session we will carry out a ‘mock interview’ in a formal role play scenario. We will give constructive feedback at the end of the interview detailing strengths and where improvements need to be made in interview technique. With an agreed Plan of Action we will ensure that each individuals CV is out into the market place with the Managers and Human Resources professionals who are the ‘decision makers’ and recruiters. During the fourth session we will follow with each individual as to where the CV has been sent and what interviews we have for them. We will also update on their progress and cover any areas that they have found to be an obstacle in their job search. GRS has a client database in Cyprus alone of 2000 international and local companies and each employee will have access to these potential employers.

GRS has provided Outplacement Services to international companies in a wide cross-section of sectors including FMCG, Banking, Financial Services and on-line gaming. Our clients include global companies such as Compass Group UK, Thomson Reuters, British American Tobacco, Wagerlogic, Babcock International, Skandia, BNP Paribas Bank, Barclays Bank, Adidas, Nielsen, and SE Johnson.

For a more in-depth, highly confidential discussion please contact Steve Slocombe, Director on
+357 25 342 720/+357 22 769 369 Email: steve@grsrecruitment.com