HR Policies

GRS HR Solutions has a policy developed to suit most businesses operating in Cyprus. Please review our list below or Contact GRS HR Solutions for more information on designing and writing policies for your business.  Email 

Performance Management Guide


Continuous Development Policy

A Continuous Development policy provides equal access and fair treatment to all employees on the basis of merit, in order to improve the Company’s success while enhancing the progress of individuals.

Further Education Assistance Policy

The further Education Assistance Policy therefore sets out the circumstances under which the [Company/Organisation] will sponsor individuals undertaking further education through the provision of time off for study and the payment of fees.

Special Leave of Absence Policy

The policy is to grant reasonable requests for special leave, subject to the operational needs of the business.

GRS Guide - The Equal Treatment of Men and Women in Employment and Vocational Training Act No. 205(I)2002

This Law aims at the application of the principle of equal treatment for men and women in respect of employment, access to vocational guidance, vocational education and training and the conditions of their provision, including professional development and the conditions and preconditions of dismissal.


GRS HR - Equal Opportunities Policy

The legal system of Cyprus safeguards the provision of the necessary legal protection for persons claiming to be victims of any kind of discrimination and provides for effective remedies/recourses (administrative and judicial). 

It is the Company’s policy to ensure that employees are recruited, remunerated, developed and promoted on the basis of skills and suitability for the work performed. 

GRS HR – Company Car Allowance Scheme Policy

The policy of the Company is to allocate to eligible employees’ a monthly cash allowance in lieu of a company car.  Eligible employees are expected to use this allowance to purchase a vehicle commensurate with their position within the Company.  

GRS HR - Company Car Benefit Policy

This policy explains who is eligible for a benefit car and the criteria for vehicle selection, as well as basic details on the usage, maintenance and replacement of benefit cars. 

GRS HR - End of Employment Policy

This policy is implemented to provide a consistent framework for different end of employment situations.

GRS HR - Reward and Recognition Policy

This policy establishes the requirements and procedures for nominating, processing, reviewing and approving special awards to Employees. The scheme aim is to be a highly effective way for the company to reinforce its company values and behaviours compatible with company strategies and objectives.

Template form and template letter for two types of awards quoted in the sample policy. 

GRS HR - Business Expense Policy

This policy provides guidance on the control and reimbursement of business expenditure incurred by employees in Cyprus

GRS HR - Flexible Working Policies

Compressed Hours Policy

Compressed hours is a form of flexible working, whereby an employee is able to plan and complete work in fewer but longer days, for example 5 days’ hours in 4.5 days or 10 days hours in 9 days.

Term Time Working Policy

Term-time working is a flexible working method.  Employees attend work only during the school term time with time off during the school holidays at Easter, Christmas and in the summer and during half term.  This could mean working a standard working week during term time, for example, 9am to 5pm or by working only part of a standard week, for example 9am to 3pm.

Part-time Working Policy

Part-time working is one of the most common forms of flexible working. When employing part-time workers, no matter how many hours they work, they are entitled to the same statutory employment protection rights as full-timers (unfair dismissal, statutory redundancy pay and maternity or adoption leave).

GRS HR - Internet and Email Policy

The policy provides the guidelines for employee use of the company’s technology and communications networks, including the Internet and e-mail, in an appropriate, ethical and professional manner.