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Recruitment Checklist

Hiring the best person for the job requires planning, preparation, organisation and working through a carefully thought-out and practical process. In contrast, cutting corners and then going solely on gut-instinct in deciding who to recruit is more likely to lead to hiring a candidate who will prove to be unsuited to the role. This downloadable checklist gives a brief overview of the steps to follow in recruiting a candidate who should prove to be the correct choice. 

GRS Recruitment Checklist

GRS Job Description Form


GRS Job Description Form

Job Offer Letter

Once the candidate has been informed via phone that they have been successful in their application for employment, it is advisable to prepare and send out the Job Offer Letter together with the Contract of Employment and any other relevant documents as soon as possible thereafter.  An employer is required to provide an employee with their Contract of Employment within one month of them starting work. It covers everything from the new employee’s job title and hours to where they can find details of the organisation’s policies such as on discipline. It can avoid misunderstandings and we would recommend that you attach the Contract of Employment with the Job Offer Letter.

Employment Contracts

According to Cypriot law (The provision of information to the Employee by the Employer on the Conditions applicable to the Contract of Employment Relationship Law) the employer is obliged to inform the employee in writing, within ONE month from the commencement date of employment.

Cyprus Employment Contract GRS Employment TCs Questionnaire

For further details regarding what the Contract of Employment should include, please refer to our Guide on Contracts of Employment and our Questionnaire for Drafting Contracts of Employment available at the above links.

Grievance Procedure

In any organisation workers may have problems or concerns about their work, working environment or working relationships that they wish to raise and have addressed.  A grievance procedure provides a mechanism for these to be dealt with fairly and speedily, before they develop into major problems and potentially collective disputes.  Grievance procedures provide an open and fair way for employees to make known their concerns and enable grievances to be resolved quickly before they become major difficulties.

GRS HR Guide Grievance Procedure


There is no legal statutory duty on employers to have a disciplinary procedure but it is generally accepted to be good practice to do so.

GRS Guide Managing Discipline at work


There is no legal requirement to have a company handbook in Cyprus but it can prove to be a highly informative document and ensures all employees are properly informed from the onset of their employment as to the terms and conditions, policies and procedures that apply to them from day 1.  It can also save management a lot of time if the handbook is easily and readily accessible. It will serve the purpose of answering most Q&A’s that new employees may have with regard to general employment matters.

GRS Guide Company Handbook GRS Checklist Company Handbook


Integration is a vitally important step in the recruitment process. Through it, we welcome new employees into our company. 

GRS HR Employee Integration Checklist

We provide them with the tools, resources, support and knowledge they need to become successful and productive in their new role. This is not a stand-alone activity, but an essential part of the whole workforce management cycle. Making New Employees feel comfortable in their new role reinforces their decision to join the company, and encourages them to stay and grow. It’s also a critical step in ensuring they understand our values, strategy and culture – and how they can effectively contribute to our goals. To sum up, smooth integration is a key to the New Employee being successful.

New Employee Integration

Information available:

  • New Employee Checklist
  • Buddy Checklist
  • Integration Plan
  • Integration Review Form (probation review)
  • Integration Policy

Working Time Regulations

The Organisation of Working Time Laws of 2002 and 2007, consist of the principal Law, which came into force on 1 January 2003 and the amendment Law, governing the powers and duties of Inspectors, which came into force on 16 February 2007. This Law lays down minimum safety and health requirements for the organisation the working time of workers.

GRS Guide Working Time Regulations GRS Working Time Opt ut Form