Redeploy and Retire


Exit Interview

There is much to be said for management asking an employee why he or she is resigning.  This is usually called an ‘exit interview.’  The interview can be revealing if the employee’s explanation points to some unsatisfactory practice within the organisation of which management was unaware, or if the reason given hints at grounds for constructive dismissal, or if it alerts management to the need to activate a restrictive covenant.


The Termination of Employment

The Termination of Employment legislation covers all employees of the public and private sector in Cyprus, including apprentices. It also covers shareholders of private companies who are employed by their companies. Employees of the Government of the United Kingdom and the Navy, Army and the Air Force Institutions (N.A.A.F.I.) in Cyprus are not covered by the provisions of the legislation relating to payments due to redundancy, since their employers apply different schemes for such payments.



Employee Departure Checklist


Information to assist in drafting a capability policy for your organisation. Capability is a potentially fair reason for dismissing an employee. It can be defined as pertaining to “skill, aptitude, health or any other physical or mental quality.” 


Stability of Employment


The outplacement service offered by GRS HR is a flexible solution that aims to ease the shock and disappointment that retrenchment often brings to employees. It is flexible service as each outplacement Service can be tailored to the employees requirements to suit their personal circumstances.


At GRS our standard outplacement service is a four-stage campaign that is designed to facilitate getting Employees back into full-time employment as soon as possible.

GRS HR - End of Employment Policy

This policy is implemented to provide a consistent framework for different end of employment situations