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Training and Development

Continuous Development Policy

A Continuous Development policy provides equal access and fair treatment to all employees on the basis of merit, in order to improve the Company’s success while enhancing the progress of individuals.

Further Education Assistance Policy

The further Education Assistance Policy therefore sets out the circumstances under which the [Company/Organisation] will sponsor individuals undertaking further education through the provision of time off for study and the payment of fees.

GRS Guide - The Equal Treatment of Men and Women in Employment and Vocational Training Act No. 205(I)2002

This Law aims at the application of the principle of equal treatment for men and women in respect of employment, access to vocational guidance, vocational education and training and the conditions of their provision, including professional development and the conditions and preconditions of dismissal.


GRS HR - Equal Opportunities Policy

The legal system of Cyprus safeguards the provision of the necessary legal protection for persons claiming to be victims of any kind of discrimination and provides for effective remedies/recourses (administrative and judicial). 

It is the Company’s policy to ensure that employees are recruited, remunerated, developed and promoted on the basis of skills and suitability for the work performed.

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